In today’s society, where a significant portion of the global population grapples with weight-related issues, finding effective ways to shed pounds and improve overall fitness becomes paramount. Boxing, renowned for its intense workouts and comprehensive training, offers a multitude of benefits for weight loss. At Kombat Group, we have developed specialized Weight Loss and Fitness Programs that incorporate boxing, yielding exceptional results. In this article, we will delve into how boxing contributes to weight loss, the effectiveness of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the importance of consistency, and why Kombat Group stands as the ultimate destination for boxing-based weight loss.

Boxing: A Fat-Burning Powerhouse:

Boxing emerges as one of the most physically demanding full-body workouts, challenging the lungs, heart, and muscles simultaneously. The sweat-drenched bodies of boxers are a testament to the sheer intensity of the training. In fact, according to NutriStrategy, a one-hour intense boxing session can burn up to a staggering 1117 calories per hour. Similar to Muay Thai, boxing incorporates rigorous high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which stands as the gold standard for weight loss exercises. Boxing training enhances cardiovascular strength and endurance more effectively than many other workout options. The intensive pad work exercises, combined with the fast-paced repetition of striking and punching techniques, contribute to improved aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

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Consistency: The Key to Unlocking Results:

It is important to acknowledge that lasting weight loss requires consistent effort and dedication. Merely attending a few sporadic boxing classes will not lead to significant changes. In 2015, an in-depth research study examined the weight loss results of individuals who participated in 12 consecutive weeks of boxing classes. The findings were remarkable, showcasing a significant average decrease in body fat percentage (-13.2%), reduced waist circumference (-5.3%), and diminished body mass (-4.1%) and BMI (-4.0%). Additionally, the boxing group experienced notable improvements in vitality (+54.8%), physical functioning (+4.7%), and general health (+25.2%). In contrast, a group of individuals who engaged in brisk walking for the same duration did not observe comparable weight loss outcomes.

Boxing is a killer fat burning workout

Why Choose Kombat Group for Weight Loss Boxing:

Kombat Group emerges as the premier boxing camp in Thailand for weight loss due to our holistic and all-encompassing approach. Our weight-loss packages includes luxurious en-suite accommodation, nutritious meals, and access to an on-site swimming pool, providing the perfect environment to achieve your weight loss goals. Combining various martial arts, a balanced nutrition plan, and ample opportunities for relaxation, our program is designed to deliver outstanding results. By integrating Muay Thai and functional training alongside boxing, we maximize the effectiveness of your weight loss journey.

How Boxing contributes to losing weight


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