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Fat Loss is guaranteed here! • Weight Loss retreat in Thailand

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Hi I'm Maya from Washington DC and I've just spent 14 wonderful weeks at comeback group shows combat group because it's all inclusive so I could do everything in one place and take care of my diet and fitness my goal was to really jumpstart my physical activity and and you know get myself on the right track and I figured 14 weeks will be a good opportunity to go get everything started and then return home knowing what to do how to stay more active how to eat healthier and things like that so while I was here I have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of training from the functional fitness course to the CrossFit tactical fitness of course Muay Thai Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the Krav Maga so all of that most days long days but it was really good training I was always pushed to perform my best and I worked really hard that was I guess the goal but it's tough training but you know not the toughest thing I've ever done the hardest part is really mental just getting to the gym showing up once you show up you know the rest is a breeze so show up consistently and go from there that's the only thing you really have to worry about just show up come to the gym there one of the best parts about the training there's always lots of laughs lots of support social support so I think maybe burn more calories laughing than actually exercising and then there's people from all over so there's always people with you to support you motivate you push you and along and along with the staff that's here overall the camp is a really great facility that's it's got a location that's outside of the city which really works great for me because you don't have the temptations of you know just walking a few steps to a restaurant or mini-mart a convenience store to get the junk that you don't need while you're here so the you know that it's a great location the facilities the rooms really it exceeded my expectations very clean and you know comfortable and you know it's hot here so you know you can stay cool and be comfortable the restaurant the restaurant I enjoy may have been my favorite thing maybe them even the most helpful thing for me to stay on track with the diet because the food was delicious it gave me enough energy to perform the six to eight hours in the gym every day it was well-balanced meals no processed junk like really high quality food and I can appreciate that and it gave me a lot of ideas to take home with me about things that I can cook and how to have a better diet and I'm happy to say that I've already lost over 19 kilograms so pounds I feel like I'm betraying my culture talking in kilos so I believe it amounts to probably more than 40 pounds I'd like to come back you know make this an annual kind of retreat for myself I think that would be ideal to kind of you know find to my fitness I plan to maintain my fitness when I leave here so just coming back fine-tune things and have a nice little bit away from from home definitely recommend combat group to anyone considering improving their fitness or just coming to lose weight especially if you come here you do the program it's it's guaranteed that you'll lose weight I mean it's you you can't be here and and train like this and eat like this and not enjoyed it's guaranteed.

Expectations exceeded!

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Hi, my name is Mary and I come from Australia.

I came to Kombat Group to just kind of tone and get back into shape, and it completely exceeded all of my expectations.

I know nothing about boxing and everyone was really accommodating.

The coaches were first class, they were all very patient and the people here are very lovely, and it's got a beautiful atmosphere.

So I recommend it to anyone, even beginners, even girls, anyone.

Melissa's hard training paid off!

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Kombat Group is the Bomb 💣 😁

The second year in a row!… Last year I didn't think there was anything more that I could experience and then this year 🤯 just blew my mind!

The people, I thought… no, last year the group was amazing, I met so many nice people and they're like family 👪 I'll never have the same experience again, and then I come back and it's double 🤩 and everyone is still family and I'm going to keep coming back every year, every year.

I didn't think it would be that easy to come on my own… I ❤️ the support, I ❤️ that they're behind you all the way and nothing is stupid or impossible. It's just made me a stronger person, in every way 💪

For someone who is hesitant to come, no… don't be. Just come have the experience, you will not regret it I promise, no way.

Amazing transformation for Emma: -20 kg!

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-30 kg in 8 weeks!!! Isaac worked hard for this incredible achievement.

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Emma, from Milan, joined Kombat Group to get a small escape from the busy everyday life back home as she wanted to focus on her Weight Loss, recover from an injury and regain her strength and physical. In just 2,5 month she Lost 20Kg of body fat and were able to regain her strength and muscle mass - read here her full story.



Annika's first experience at Kombat.

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Annika's second stay with us.

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"By far the best camp I've ever trained at…"

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"Give it a try!"

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Wayne is happy with his results.

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Boxing Experiences

63 Year Old Does 4 Weeks of Boxing in Thailand! (No Excuses!)

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Hi I'm Rick Bernucci I will soon be 63 years old and today I finished four weeks of combat group hey Rick it's nice to have you with us so let me ask you what was your purpose of coming to combat group I had two purposes Anthony I wanted to get in better shape including lose weigh build a little muscle and I also wanted to learn the fundamentals of boxing I took it up about four months ago thought I could learn some techniques here and was there a trainer that you work closely with why you were here yeah I ended up working with Mike we have for boxing trainers all of them have a slightly different style and approach and I learned from all of them but I really got together with Mike he sort of had a feel for my particular needs and he sort of took me under his wing so he and I ended up doing a lot of work together he was my mentor here yeah that's great did you do anything other than boxing I did some sort of high-intensity workouts and one interesting thing for me was I took up yoga and I people had encouraged me for years to do yoga and I hadn't tried it but the workouts here intense so I wanted to stretch more so I did morning yoga and it was great I'm gonna take it home with me yeah I hear great things about yoga how about your accommodations for your meals oh that was great my room is really wonderful it's right outside the pool air-conditioned really nicely appointed very comfortable bed and cleaned every day it was just it was really beautiful the meals are fantastic you know I really like the meals you get three meals a day they're helpful you get a great choice of breakfast lunch is plentiful there's always a soup and the evening the soups are some of the best soups I've ever had and there's a buffet I mean so you get plenty of food but at the same time I did meet that much and certainly not as much as home so I lost some weight and it's off helpful for you so it was great the people that are watching this video I'm sure some of them maybe has on whether or not to come if you could say something what would you say to these viewers well I was sensing it to come because I I lived in Indianapolis Indiana which is in the middle of the United States I'm older I live in the suburbs I was not in the best of shape I'm carrying like 25 extra pounds 55 or 60 kilos extra so there were a lot of reasons that I thought maybe I did not belong but everybody belongs here everybody is taken seriously as an athlete and you get an individual health plan but the body composition scan so you have your own goals and when you go in the gym nobody pushes you hard you take it at your own pace I mean that's wonderful whatever your level of skills are there were champions here and then just novices like myself young old whatever shape you're in it seems like you know the program is meet your needs and the trainers are very sensitive to everybody some situations so I have no reservations about it one other thing too you know I was I'm not a global traveler so I was a little bit concerned like going all the way to Thailand and this and that the campus is so safe and so accommodating and the staff is so supportive I felt really at home and I just haven't had a moment of insecurity so it's great it's wonderful Rick I remember actually us talking last night and and you mentioned something along the lines that it wasn't just the technical things about boxing you also learned like more than just the sport itself you mind tapping into that a little bit and yeah people absolutely Anthony yeah I was telling you that I did learn a lot about boxing technically but I learned about relaxation better posture breathing I learned how to produce more energy I learned how to conserve that energy I learned about flexibility I learned how to create speed that's an entirely different approach to boxing it's a different sport than I thought it was it's more like relaxation and Dan and that was all consistent with my yoga so like in the larger sense like I'm leaving home and much more relaxed person I think than what I arrived and so I think that'll that was not just good for my box and that'll carry benefits to the way I conduct my life as well so yeah that was that was good honestly Rick you're a true inspiration watching you train in the gym it was amazing to see how you progressed throughout your stay and it got a lot of us motivated and inspired to to fall in your footsteps and honestly you're never too old to reach of those dreams I hear you have a fight coming up is that right well yeah I've taken on the challenge to enter the Gleason's Masters Tournament in Brooklyn the Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn in New York City and June 12th of this year just as a novice it'll be my first amateur fight it's no big deal but I have dedicated year trained for that and so I'm hoping that I can do that and and make a respectable appearance and you know gain some fellowship and you know get myself in shape you know it was just an end goal well we wish you the best of luck and we hope to see you soon and we'll stay in touch for sure well thank you you know I wanted to tell you Anthony that when I came to combat group you know I had a feeling that you know I had accomplished about everything that I was at accomplish in my life you know and and I'm leaving and going home with a much more positive attitude I really feel like you know my best days are in front of me I've lived a long life and I'll have to say that this is probably the most transformative experience I've ever had I mean for me it's been like the Fountain of Youth and the fellowship here the people I've met from five different continents have inspired me I've learned more here in a month that I probably learned in the last ten years combined and I feel motivated and I feel really privileged to be here to meet you at all the other people so it's it's been a real privilege I go home a better man to my family and community so thank you thank you Rick honestly thank you for your time and please safe travels and we're be watching you you know we're excited to see you bike and then and under combat it's gonna be fantastic to see you thank you you'll have to put up with me again because I hope to come back every year or every two years at the most it'd be an honor direct clear absolutely yeah all right so if there's anything else you want to say that's it that's it that's it all right Rick safe travels I'm gonna see you again Thank You Anthony you're welcome

It’s a paradise, but not a lazy paradise • Boxing in Thailand

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It was the first time for me. I had a couple of friends that came here, maybe since two years ago and some came here a couple of months ago. I couldn’t make it with them. I just came alone for 10 days. I wish I could stay here for six months. I'm doing boxing. I’m training in Japan, semi-regularly, a couple of days a week. I was looking for a place that I could do boxing intensively, but it's quite hard to find somewhere where you have the right balance: like a good coach, nice infrastructure, logistics, and people who care. Especially if you go far abroad, I think it seems to be something that is not really available, and Kombat Group has been great for that. I'm a foodie. I love food. I think that's one of the reasons I travel when it's not about boxing or diving, it’s really about food. Here, it's simple and good. I think that’s pretty rare. Usually you have simple and boring or very sophisticated and you get basically something you don't really want. This is what you need, what you like. It is simple, healthy and I feel great. I think that is a good question. I tell you honestly that if I hadn't had my friends tell me that they came here and loved it, I would have been hesitant as well. The only thing I can say right now is “just do it”. You will not regret it. You will be proud. It's a great experience. The worst thing that can happen is you will love it so much that you’ll keep coming here. It’s a paradise, but not a lazy paradise. It’s where you're actually getting better so when you live here, you’ll feel better. It's the holiday where when you actually come back, you will have this feeling of having achieved something, which is great. I mean this is something which is hard to get in work or in your private life, but here you will get it.

I am inspired by the culture I found here [Boxing Course Review from a female perspective]

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I really want to be part of this and this is the gym I'm gonna be training in and I don't want to go anywhere; I just want to be here My name is Lynn, Lynn Aung I currently working as an assistant professor at the University of Quingdao I specialized in doing cardiovascular research because of Covid, I work from home so I am taking advantage. Why not, like I go somewhere and focus on my health and at the same time I work I decided to come to Thailand to do the boxing This is my first time doing the boxing My coordination is really bad At the very beginning, I was a little bit overwhelmed whether I would be able to catch up Bu then my instructor, Joel, he has a good experience He kind of knows: this person, this student, how can I make her improve more? What kind of methods I should use with her, to make her more involved and to make her more flexible, and things like that With his help, I think I can follow almost all the methods and also all these movements After one month, I am kind of pretty confident about it, to do boxing At the very beginning, I was thinking like "Oh, ok, I can do that: working and also doing the workout" But since boxing is the first time for me doing it, it is a little bit physically demanding for me It requires me to rest a little bit more than usual But the cool thing is like I take a little bit less longer in my daily work like, now I kind of work faster than before my decision making, also some other tasks, they kind of became faster In my writing, as well as doing my research work, I get very clear on what is my next step, what I am gonna do next I see the positive effect on my work as well I wake up way earlier than I was before since I started the training At the very beginning, I woke up about 9am but then later I kind of feel a little bit more energetic and also, after seeing my improvements during the training, I felt like ok, I can push myself a little bit more It was a big change in my lifestyle: in the past, I was kind of office work, a little bit boring. Now I feel more energetic, more alive I also want to recommend to other people who are like me, working from home, that they can change a bit their lifestyle by coming and doing this kind of sport I went to Nong Nooch garden, also to Pattaya mountain, and the Sanctuary of Truth and then markets around the place I lived in, around Jomtien beach The one I liked the most, I think is the Sanctuary of Truth because while I was there I felt kind of appreciative about how come that they can build such beautiful things I appreciate the effort that they made. Everything that they made is very detailed and very beautiful and it's all made in woods. It's so amazing! and also, at the same time, it's a cultural thing that everybody from the world can see and understand about the Thai culture That thing is really cool! I contacted many places in Thailand to do Boxing, but by the time I've contacted them all of those places were closed because of Covid only you, Barbara, has replied to me that was ok for me to come Then, on the first day that I met you, I talked with you and I got to know about this place, about Cristian and how he built the place and his dreams I talked with you for a while and I can see the culture that you have I can feel the spirit that this whole Kombat Group has, the way the story was and how much you guys are like a family here Because in most of the organizations, people work just for the sake of money or other purposes Very few organizations have this kind of family and this kind of people who admire the one who built this organization It's really an inspiring culture for me and I feel like "oh, ok, I really want to be part of this, this is the gym I am gonna be training in, I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to be here" because I feel that culture, I feel that spirit I have never met Cristian before, but I believe that when I met you, when I met all the people here working, he gotta be a very cool leader, he might have inspired all of you, guys I don't know, I just feel connected and I just want to be part of it I feel very blessed and very lucky to find this place and to find the people here It's such inspiring for me, for my future job as well as the person I want to be If one day I will build a team, I want to build a team like that, I want to have an impact on people that work with me like that It's really inspiring, it's a really cool experience for me.

Female solo traveller in a Muay Thai training camp

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Do it and do it for yourself because you only you do have one life being here it will change a lot believe me it did for me.

My name is Katya i'm 43 years old and i'm from berlin in germany and i'm working as a freelancer in the finance world and when i came here the first time no experience at all i mean i'm interested in martial arts and so i thought i was typing in into google thailand martial arts so i was ending up here but now the second time between the last year i did a lot of craft manga and so i have a little bit of experience but not really with western boxing and not really with the mutai but i'm interested in it so therefore i'm here at combat group when i was coming the first time to uh to thailand and doing martial arts it was because of first of all i'm interested in it and as well doing as a woman something for self-defense so really letting feel myself more comfortable walking around in berlin and yes self-defense was mainly actually the the main part the first time when i came to kombat the experience it was amazing it was absolutely amazing it was the exercises the classes the coaching were perfect but on the same level the family behind it the community it's really you know like get goosebumps when i'm telling about it because even if you are if you are a beginner if you are an experienced fighter or if you are doing weight loss in the end we are one community we are supporting each other when we are in the gym we are respecting each other and we are pushing each other so that was the experience i took from the from the first time so the second time having all that experience in mind it was and surviving kovitzo to say that long period staying at home coming for me the second time was really pushing me again to limits doing these exercises together with the group with the coaches with the team in the gym to push myself again really to the to the next level and as well to get the experience to see that i am capable to do everything you know even when you wake up in the morning your legs are hurting you are tired but you walk into the gym and the spirit is around the coaches are around your mates are around and you do that exercises together which is phenomenal so really pushing myself again to the yeah to the limits the first time i know the second time i traveling by my own the first time i really thought oh my goodness what i'm doing do i really do that because when i ran i remember when i arrived the very first time here i was at the reception in the in the background there was the gym i didn't see but i could hear all the noises because the training was going on yeah it was during the morning or the hot punches the noises and it was a kind of bit of scary i thought oh my god what have you done you are really at the right place you are sure what you are doing here but um due to that family behind and the community i really felt comfortable quite quick it was really easy to uh to join that crew bar to feel comfortable and i only can really recommend even as a as a woman do it you know we are capable of of everything and it was quite nice even my married my husband thought in the beginning as well oh my god what is she doing she's i don't know if i like that she's really traveling over by her own to uh to thailand but um so he said in the end as well he said as well for it it will be a great experience for you and it's definitely um even the first time i i went home stronger with more self-confidence friends didn't did recognize it people in the job site and even for me you know i really took a lot of a lot of um things with me the last time already talking about thailand there are plenty of plenty of martial art places you you can go and but here it's the community the family behind because when i left there when i left the first time when i left i knew i do have a family now in thailand so people really i like they like me they take care of me when i'm here and this is and even all the people i met during during training i mean currently we have you know somebody here from the us somebody from switzerland all nationalities are around and it's quite impressive that even when i was the first time here in 2019 i'm still in contact with few of the people i met here and we really got good friends because it was doing all that hard exercises all day long together it really you know combines you and this is really is a very very strong um expression or how should i say yeah i i i took with i took with me which is special for me this makes this place really special and of course the coaches is for me as well i mean when i arrived the very first time no boxing experience no muay thai experience but i was excited and i wanted to i wanted to try out everything yes and it's good to see that the coaches are able they see okay there is an expert doing martial arts or there's a beginner they really look what you are capable to do and they it's impressive they really push you step by step and you're getting better and better because of them as well and it's not sure they pushing you every time yeah and you are after each after each class you are dead yeah but uh so they they really look after you and adapt the training accordingly so as i said if you're a beginner if you're an experienced or if you are doing weight loss everybody fits in and it's good taking care of you and the way the guys are looking after you every time i'm here and doing the glasses i can see i can do everything and it's i can do everything and i can see that i can push myself further if i even have thought in the beginning and it's as well it's a place.

Where i'm not scared really to to try out things so it makes me stronger in that place sport is a big part of my life when i'm back home in in germany in berlin i do a lot of running i do a lot of rowing and sport is a part of me every day but i don't do it at home in that really intensive way so when i'm here it's really to see as well how far can i go and i remember the very first time when i came to combat group it was in the first week i was joining one class only one class in the morning and then i had breakfast i breakfast and then i started to read and then one of the coaches was coming around and he asked me [Music] katya why i'm why are you not training because i have to say usually in the morning you can train and you can train up to three hours and so the training was still going on but i was sitting there alone at my table having breakfast everybody else was in the gym and he was coming around and asking me why are you training and i said to him i think i can't do it because i still i already had in mind oh my goodness i will train in the afternoon for two more hours so i thought really i have to you know take care of my of my energy and he said to me katya when you don't try it out you don't know if you can make it and it was it was wonderful because he was smiling at me he was nice and i started to think and it was the only morning where i had breakfast and all the others were at the gym and did you know the exercise and sure the next day i joined them and it was possible for me to do it you see i cannot i really get goosebumps you know talking about that because that was really amazing when he asked me um or when he said to me if you don't try it out you don't know if you if you if you can do it so really push yourself don't be afraid don't be afraid go out and push yourself and yeah no i'm shaking away because that was and you know these are the tiny things when you're asking me about transformation what i'm taking with me it's it's everything how the coaches are acting with us how the other nice people i'm training training with me acting among us and everything which makes it perfect so it's not only that i'm taking you know that i'm getting fit when i'm here at the at combat group it's um it's the whole mindset during my stay here is transforming in a better way i can't say in other words.

Everything so to say from the head till the food changes and even i remember the the first time when i came back home even my husband realized that i changed in a way in a positive good way you know that uh that i showed a bit more self-confidence and um and was pushing myself not only doing sports pushing myself in my job and all other things and i realized as well that i was pushing people friends i really loved you know because i started as well no i think you need to try it out you know because when you don't try it out you don't know if you can make it.

This time i was brave and was standing up for the muay thai classes in in the afternoon which are really really exhausting for me i like doing boxing but boxing you only have to you know use your hands muay thai is really doing the kicks using the legs gladly you don't see my legs in that interview they are destroyed they are looking blue but i love it i really i love it so um definitely the training as well having old friends around again because it really it's family guys it is family around here and i promise you if you are once here you will become a second time and even currently we i met a new friend now stephen he's here the third time so yes if you're really thinking about doing martial arts you are interested in you don't know yet or if it's more boxing what i like if it's more with what i like or if it's more self-defense what i like um so you don't have a clue but you like the idea of it if you're a woman maybe you're afraid of doing it i really can recommend combat group because it's that perfect balance of you having the family around so to stay a great strong community which will support you even if you are you know afraid doing joining the classes but as well heavy having that perfectly fitted classes for you because the coaches really take care of you and they they have a good they have a good eye and see you know what you are capable of and they push you to get to your limits so don't be afraid and check it out i did it as well and it was it was definitely a life-changing decision when i decided the first time to come to thailand i was afraid like hell yeah fair enough i have to say it but i did it and i'm really proud of me and barbara told me once there is one woman around she's 75 and believe me if i'm still fit at that age and i will be it will be i will be that 75 general granny who will run around in that gym over there.

I love that come on you're really the idea so it's you can see at any age at any stage in your life as well i mean sure i'm busy at home and uh it's you know we do have a lot of excuses around these days but um but do it and do it for yourself because you only you do have one life and um [Music] so go for it it's uh being here it will change a lot believe me it did for me and to all the others i spoke which are in the camp is the same experience.

Is this really a good place to travel alone?

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Don't be intimidated by the schedule i actually would advise you not to overthink it um put your faith in combat's hands but you're not the only person that's ever done this there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that have gone through the schedule so if it looks too daunting don't look at it just show up that would be my main piece of advice because you end up just doing a lot more than you realize that you can.

So my name's caitlin i'm 25 i live in london i work in advertising and i've been a combat group for what 11 or 12 days now something like that too short.

I decided to do the boxing because i do a bit at home anyway i like to think that i can improve on a skill that i had a bit of at home and then i can come back and continue to improve on it this is a really good place to come if you're not sure i wasn't sure what i wanted to do and i felt quite a lot of uncertainty because i'm traveling alone there's a lot of going on with covid and travel with kovid it can be quite daunting so the fact that com i knew that i wanted to be somewhere where other people were and i knew that i wanted to be somewhere where there was a routine and i knew that i was going to be doing some things every day but when i ended up stumbling upon combat group i just thought that it would be a really good option for that reason i knew that there would be some support there and that's what i really wanted to do to do this interview for really just to let people know that if you're feeling unsure for any reason whether it's because you don't know how it's going to work at the airport or you're on your own and you don't know if you're going to make any friends or you don't know what the training is going to be like or maybe you're in a stage in your life where you don't even know what you want to do like i was i didn't know really what i wanted to do or what i wanted to get out of out of this situation like this really is the place to come there's just no there's no other option than having a good time and getting a lot out of it and you'll be supported from start to finish like from the moment i made contact with combat i had a response within a few hours i was getting whatsapped by barbara it's not like very impersonal emails if you've got any questions they'll answer everything if you've got any concerns or queries um you know you guys know all of the processes around the regulations at the airport so what i need to bring what i don't need to bring so yeah if you're arming and ouring and you need a final push this is it.

I think the main thing for me um is confidence um not just in my decision making because i do feel really proud of myself that i actually decided to come here and i made a good decision in choosing to come here but i've never been someone that finds it very natural to spend much time on their own and i think combat has enabled me to bridge that gap because although this has been an independent trip and i'm not with anyone from home i've made so many friends and connections here that it's like i've i've got i've got my own circle of friends now but it's all been my thing so i'm still independent and i'm still traveling solo but when you want company you can have company and you can make fantastic friendships with people i mean the kind of friendships that you make when you're training with people three four hours a day and sometimes you don't want to be there and sometimes you really do want to be there and then you see other people improve and you see yeah it's there's so much there's so many reasons why you can make fantastic connections with people that you actually never feel alone so it's been really good for me to know that when i when i felt as though i was going to be by myself and maybe be isolated actually there are always ways in which to make connections with people because like no one here really is i've been the only girl here this week that's another thing like it really doesn't matter who's here because everyone's just got this open-minded um mindset i would never ordinarily be friends with um you know if i saw on the street it wouldn't like we're not similar in terms of personalities or age or demographic or anything like that and yet i consider them some of my closest friends now don't be intimidated by the schedule i actually would advise you not to overthink it

Put your faith in hands but you're not the only person that's ever done this there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that have gone through the schedule so if it looks too daunting don't look at it just show up that would be my main piece of advice because you end up just doing a lot more than you realize that you can um and we we speak a lot about it here and you will do if you decide to come it's all a mental thing so if you're gonna wind yourself up looking online or four hours training i can't do that i won't go you absolutely can so don't put yourself off by the scale of the training thinking that you can't do it um i train i i do do a lot of exercise at home so the concept of exercising wasn't foreign to me but you know when people say oh i'm going to do three or four hours training in 30 degrees every day it can be quite scary but don't worry because as i say so many people have gone through this and have come out the other side feeling so much better physically but like i mentioned before coming out so much more confident as well which is a really lovely thing i'd be lying if i said i just came here for training like i didn't i want i came here because i wanted to get a tan and i wanted to go out for some drinks and i wanted to wear a nice dress and you know lots of normal things that people don't just come here to do like army style training every single day like for me it had to be about balance so i do my training i put my bikini on i have sunbathing for ages uh when i feel like i'm about to burn i'll go out um i've been out several times um to the beach and to the city for food or whatever on my own i've never ever felt uncomfortable the stage of development that thailand's at the moment means that there are apps and stuff that mean that you can always feel sick like bulk for me has been a massive thing because it's just like over like if i want to get somewhere in the city i don't have to walk around asking everyone how do i get here how do i get there unsure about what taxi i'm getting in stuff like this that's not an issue so i felt i mean it's funny that you ask really because safety hasn't even really been something on my mind yet i've always felt completely safe obviously not stupid but stupid not in a stupid way no i felt completely secure and there is time and room for balance as well if i was to say one last thing it would be not to let the unknown put you off don't let the don't let what you don't know stop you from doing something that could be really amazing because i almost did and i'm so glad i didn't.

The people are what make Kombat Group so special.

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Yeah you're not alone in here like if that's what makes sort of a sense uh you have to do it alone though uh but you have the the support of the people come here and i think that is more beautiful than the training.

I'm video from uh from holland the netherlands uh i came here to get to just sharpen my boxing skills i use the box i box in in holland.

It's something i love to do so one of the great great pleasures of my life the sport i love doing it and i was just looking for a different experience just sharpen it more than i do back at home i mean what we do here is we eat sleep everything train like maniacs under under the same roof and i was looking for something like that and there were a few different ones i i found one in bangkok this one also close by but most of them were specifically on muay thai not so not also unboxing [Music] and i think i made a great choice with coming here i enjoyed the time i was here great trainers learned learned a lot of from joel things i'll definitely bring home and try uh at the at the gym my trainer and and i'll come back for sure that's one thing that's for sure because i really loved it amazing people amazing trainers everything is amazing basically yeah it was mainly boxing i mean at the same time it's thailand you can do whatever whenever you want but the main goal was just coming trading shocking my boxing skills and at the same time every now and then i mean i have the freedom to go out whenever it pleases me and come back and train like a maniac again whenever it pleases me i was just the main focus was looking for a good gym where everything was taken care of sleeping training eating at the same place and the freedom to go out of that whenever whenever i need some time for myself conditionally i use a spar back at home about maybe two three rounds and i'll be guessed i've been in for three weeks now i've had a few days where i sparked like eight nine ten rounds while being devastated at the end though but it's it's a big improvement uh with back at home three rounds or roughly 10 rounds it's more than double more than triple so yeah that that's great that's great besides the training the people that come and that that are here i mean uh everybody's is here for for their own goal but at the same time yeah you know it's like a family everybody's trying to encourage each other to reach that goal that they set for themselves so yeah you're not alone in here like if that makes sort of a sense you have to do it alone though but you have the the support of the people come here and i think that is.

More beautiful than the training video like it it really is a family and i'll definitely stay in touch with the people i've met here don't think about it too long and just book your stay here it'll change your life i mean in in a good way that's that's the only thing i have to add i made that mistake like looking over at dozens of gyms leading up reading a lot of reviews before i finally made the decision to book uh stupid me that i didn't do it faster whenever i buy like a sort of an expensive thing i really like all a lot of them before i finally made the decision but yeah i shouldn't have done that and just went straight away.

Great training with colleagues for their company retreat!

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2 great weeks with Boxing.

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Gina's 2nd stay was just as fun.

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The 2nd stay for this lovely couple.

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Farah's 1st of (so far) 4 stays 🙂

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Muay Thai Experiences

Muay Thai for couple - a solution for all problems! 💛

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I came to skim through years ago so I honestly found it very we like there's a lot of freedom in the neck of choice and every other week they kind of show up show up do a vehicle a training you show up to the kept it here and you have a given and then your deeds past it so I quite really enjoyed it you don't have to be able to have like the mental space just kind of focus on myself so that's why we came back a little bit I always like letting jiu-jitsu Spence and I can show mouth yeah it's my first time here you're just talking about going back when you once every couple years or once every year it's a really nice community I think this cool culture where everyone's just you're a learn attack and defense some more defense than others yeah I realized environment here so you got the effect a lot more.

Are you yellow snakes nice just not having that option next something to get hungry but there's always like that seems like yeah and we've recently become pescetarian so it really helped that kitchen were able to fit our diabetes mmm and just to echo what you're saying the lack of snacks helps a lot because you don't have to adoption of ordering snacks I mean you can still autograph food but it's not as convenient as just walking down stairs to the convenience store to pick up some thanks so I think that helps a lot that's pervade enough I don't think it's too cool or any other food so I mean being able to train for 5,000 a day and they'll come back in and train again the next day really pushes your personal minutes and knowing that you are able and capable of doing this pretty cool actually yeah and it doesn't matter what lot of experience you come in with my god I've talked a couple times before coming to the can I've never done we die or vgj before until today until this week and uh yeah we can just step in and you can just pick it up at your own pace the instructors are quite a very experienced and you're very accommodating so you can just come in and go oh definitely come then how you come don't be afraid to be shy and coming to open mind say hi to told me some friends and some movies and just put yourself out there I love this because it doesn't matter what size you are doesn't matter what you look like what you're wearing what language you speak like everyone is affected you well that was good I think she took the last on over me to say something like that that's true um you know if you have any hesitation about coming I think you can put that aside it was I wish that everyone here is really open and welcoming together so who you are where you are and where you're from and also just yeah you won't regret coming here over the next many years.

Kombat Group taught me more than any other martial art school • Muay Thai in Thailand

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I’m John Ruscito, and I’m from Canada. I’ve been studying for at Kombat for six days, and the only thing I can say is that I wish I could stay longer. I’ve been doing MMA, kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling for about four years now. I came here with the sole focus of studying Muay Thai. When you travel across Thailand, one of the things you always hear, especially from promoters at gyms, is “to know Muay Thai, is to know Thailand.” I think that’s a very underrated statement until you actually take some time for studying Muay Thai. One thing you learn in Kickboxing is you hit, get in get out as quick as you can, be quick and stay alert. But Muay Thai is very different and I’ve learnt that here at Kombat Group. What they really focus on is be calm and then when ready to attack, be aggressive. I think that’s one thing Kombat taught me more than any other martial art school. It’s like the country of Thailand -- very calm, very relaxed and when you want to do something, do it. That’s what the training is like here. In the mornings, it’s very friendly, even though it’s 8 am, there are no problems. When you show up, all the trainers are ready, you do a light warm-up, go slow, by the end of it your kicking bags and pushing your limits. All the training here, whether it’s Muay Thai, boxing, fitness...they understand that there’s a limit that everyone reaches and almost instantly, they’re able to pick what yours is. They’re going to push you way beyond it. It’s only been six days and I’m already making plans to come back here next year.

Now that’s just the training element. If you want to talk about food, housing, everything else..honestly, you gotta come here and experience it for yourself. No complaints across the board for me.

Ten great days of training • Muay Thai in Thailand

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I’ve been here in Thailand, and Kombat Group has been a great experience.

The past ten days have been unbelievable.

I plan to come back again soon.

Muay Thai training in Thailand during Covid.

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You don't have to be a superstar to come here no one is definitely not because you do everything in training condition you coordination and focusing and certainly also strength [Music] [Applause] my name is richard i'm from switzerland professionally i'm a lawyer working for a bank i came because of a recommendation of a friend of mine the recommendation can tell now after like 11 12 days is absolutely justified at the beginning was tough to train four hours a day but you gradually feel better your body also would also help this the friendly staff the coaches which also they they go step by step with you and the food also helps and what i particularly like here is also like its focus it's really really focused on training i'm actually a runner did several marathons also biking swimming it's just as to get in balance with the office work that i have but i needed something new in my time you're not in a you're rhythm your pulse is not in a stable state you're up down up down up down up down but it's great it's like you have the music in the gym you have the people there all sweat is running down and you just feel good it's just a fun thing at the beginning i was going into training too energetic too much aggressivity too too fast and sure after two three days my my food was aching a little bit and i told him and he right away adapted the training your body needs time to adapt to this ridge it needs time it adapts but it takes two three four days the second day i was asking myself what the heck am i doing here i was so tired in the morning but then you go in the gym you start enough to five minutes you're fine what's also good is there's no liquid no alcohol here which just really also clears up your mind the people that came here basically they're all same-minded you don't find people here that want to show off it's like we each help each other like because everyone has its weaknesses or his goals and there are no people drawing you down basically everyone is like in a positive state of mind in doing that most of my friends told me you're crazy going now to thailand because now they have a new wave in switzerland if you want something most of the things you can reach in life and i want to go on at home doing muay thai i i will try to find a good gym i also set myself a goal i want to be on that level weight wise it's a process like the whole life is a process but you always have to set goals again set goals again set goals again i'm thinking of coming back and i definitely would recommend it to anybody that has will is positive thinking and is motivated to do something for himself.

In a really perfect environment for getting in shape and having a great time, don't think too much just come.

I feel empowered after only a week of training!

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I encourage everyone actually especially not just women but everyone of different sizes different colors different views and background to just come here lose yourself empower yourself in the process and come out probably even more as a whole person that you came before.

Origin from the philippines but i've been living in germany for the past six years already i work for a logistics company as a learning and development expert since i don't know anyone in my group of friends in my circle that has learned but i had to rely on like statements online testimonials and looking for the top gyms and and yeah combat group came up all the time in all the websites that i looked into and all the positive reviews and um and i was so curious because i was looking into everything the facilities what you do there and it felt that it was not just for a campaign or not an ad but it was real like testimonials from people and i was like oh this is a good gym because it's not once but in every website that i looked into like pump gyms it's the biggest it's it's um it's well established so that was what i was looking for because i knew i was traveling alone i wanted my friends to come or like my cousin's friends to come but they weren't so passionate about it as i am so i was like i was decided whatever happens i'm just gonna go and and i was also looking for you know being comfortable being safe because i'm alone and it's it's not like it's my first time to come here in a place that i don't know people essentially so those were my category like criteria that i was looking for in the beginning i was a bit scared and i had i was pessimistic about it or like although i traveled alone before in different places but i always had friends to meet so i tried to do that here as well but this is like my first time that i'm alone in a place that i don't know anyone in in a camp you know like that feeling of being alone and vulnerable as a woman and not so tall and short and i always have this feeling like what if someone attacks me or something like all these paranoia like all scenarios came into place but i think when i got here i did all of those things went away and i felt like it took me probably one night and the next morning i felt at home i felt so comfortable to be honest everywhere even in trainings and working with the guys you know like we're also under represented at the gym like women but i had this realization um like three days ago what we were training how everyone was just so supportive of each other and like looking for each other like come on like almost there like three two they're counting with you you know in your head and they're saying good job good kick giving you feedback like inspire you to do better you know and you feel like confident and you feel much more stronger because people are rooting for you you just want to push yourself as well and i was like wow that's that's amazing and i had i had too many realizations i had another one i felt that people come in different body sizes and it's just a matter of just being comfortable to with that and it like i came here no one would judge me oh you're just kidding you're too fat or it's just everyone has a goal and they're just working their way through that goal but not criticizing anyone else or body shaming and i felt that wow i'm so comfortable here because i know everyone's working on the same goal and we're trying to like support each other you know so yeah i i realized how important it is for me to be surrounded by by people who think the same if you know so for in this case here everyone is aiming for fitness for health and it was easy for me to also think the same because we're all like-minded people but not in a way that it's too overwhelming that people are so it doesn't oh let's contradict it not in uh you get turned off because they're too much because there are some people that are like too much health and we need to do this but here it's more like we all know our struggles as individuals and we're open enough to share them and it's not about overwhelming the others of my journey but it's more of accepting that everyone else has a journey and you're just in it and thank you for supporting me in this journey so i was like wow this is actually what i'm looking for you know that group of people who are like-minded and because i've been in different environments that are like-minded people and i thrive in those environments and that's how i feel here i survive as well because i know people think the same and has a purpose or are very driven and are very motivated so that's kind of happy and they kind of missed it especially at work sometimes each individual has their own goals and here it's it's clear everyone shares the same goal you know so it felt nice to have that camaraderie amongst each other yeah physically i feel it that my body got used to working out um two hours a day or like an hour and a half in more in the morning and the two hours a day evening just giving it my all and just throwing those punches and just feeling stronger i love the sound of them if i landed a punch or if i land a kick and the gloves hit and decide i loved it and i could feel that i'm progressing you know like i feel stronger and i feel much more comfortable and in the beginning was hard when you wake up you're like oh i'm sore but now it feels normal to just go to the gym and get ready and just switch your brain and you're in this already so for sure physically i feel way better than i was and that comes with also like mentally as well like being able to dissipate myself and say okay i show up every training i make sure i give my best and then i enjoy and then i show up again that's my schedule and and it felt great it felt amazing to just stick to that routine that something that is not stressful non-toxic it's just refreshing for me to do that and i felt like oh how i wish i could do this every day where i didn't have to think of you know other stuff apart from just showing up for for training giving your best throwing those functions improving those punches and then you go take a shower eat breakfast and then you do whatever you want you can explore take a nap relax and then you go back to training and do the same thing and repeat your life it was amazing i think the whole experience it was short it was intense but also it kind of helps you transcend from your physical into just being able to connect with your body to also i made your head movement during the night where i could reflect and write down what happened and just look back on all the things that i've been pondering about so that moment is also like i appreciate those peace time as well for me and yeah it was it was good for me i was prepared to not celebrate christmas i treat it as any other day you know but then we had a party and you texted me i was like oh my gosh this is so sweet i thought i'd spend christmas alone i don't want to join you know i want to be secret santa and and that was really nice because then you see all these people working here and you get to talk to your group who are training with you in a non-gym conversation you know with like a live conversation we also played games and it was just relaxing i can really say it was not stressful it was happy it was merry it was it was fun and very chill christmas and i liked it yeah i enjoyed it for me it's more of like time massage relax and pampering myself and working on myself so i enjoyed the time massages everywhere in the city which is amazing you know i go foot massage whole body timers and people are so nice to us and and we also did go to a few malls we explored sanctuary of truth we did a bit of museum thing there so like any other city you can go to it's you don't see any or i didn't feel any discrimination in any part when i was exploring the city just because i'm alone and it wasn't safe but i managed to go to cafe sit down enjoy read the book enjoy the beach and all of these things without feeling oh i should be scared you know and actually the city is beautiful if you really it's so peaceful at least i didn't see any violence and even at night when we did pass by the busiest streets of all these bars and clubs and nothing was striking for me probably i wasn't really paying attention but i had a good experience with this and i felt safe yeah i still believe that it's empowering for women to come here and stay here and and find that strength inside you that you didn't know existed because if you're training and you're having a hard time physically you could just connect with your brain and says it's just mental strength at the end of the day you know like you push yourself mentally as well not just physically so your whole body like physically mentally emotionally and then spiritually connects and you feel so alive as a woman like as a woman in order to be able to express yourself and to be honest in the gym it doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man it doesn't it's it's just you and the mat or it's just you and the bag it's just you and your trainer it's just you it doesn't matter which gender you are you know so that even felt more freeing because they don't look at you as oh this woman would have would not be too powerful would not be too quick there's nothing that there was i didn't feel that at all i just came in i just did what i need to do and give my best and that was amazing you know so i feel like i wish society in general could be the same that you just present yourself you do your job and and they say you're amazing at it you just give it 100 and that it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman or any other gender out there so i encourage everyone actually especially not just women but everyone of different sizes different colors different views and background to just come here lose yourself empower yourself in the process and come out probably even more as a whole person that you came before and and that for me was a great experience to to leave this place to finish my sessions and i'm like wow i did that i i was scared in the beginning but then i'm empowered at the end and i feel like i can conquer the world again i know this sounds so cliche but i feel like i needed this time for for me to gather my strength and come back stronger do whatever i need to do and feeling like me again you know like because i kind of lost that like two years because of the butler and i didn't know who i was and what i wanted to do but now i feel like well i can even be better at work with my relationships and personal life everything just because i found myself somehow here without any judgement without any prejudice from other people and just your being you and you're giving your best of the gym so.

Andrea Altomani is training for his pro fighting career.

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10 day stay for Danny's first Muay Thai experience

1 minute

Italian Andrea Zanardi prepared for his fight at Max Muay Thai stadium.

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Kevin highly recommends Kombat Group for Muay Thai students of all levels

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Self Defence Experiences

This was one of Alexandra's best life experiences.

< 2 minutes

Chris reached a new level.

< 1 minute

Simon really enjoyed his month here.

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