About Us

Kombat Group Thailand is the perfect place to challenge yourself and reach your full potential

Whether you want to become a better fighter, lose weight or recharge your body, mind and spirit, Kombat Group is the perfect resort for you!

Who We Are

Kombat Group Thailand is an All-Inclusive Fitness and Weight-Loss Resort located in the outskirts of sunny Pattaya, just 90 minutes from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.

We offer high-quality packages for Muay Thai, Boxing, Krav Maga, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and fitness packages for Weight Loss. Our packages include accommodation, training in a modern gym and 3 delicious daily meals – everything within a few steps from each other.

Also, our guests receive weekly body weight and body composition reports, fitness goal tracking and a customised nutrition plan.

Kombat Group is the only fitness and weight loss resort in Thailand offering such all-inclusive packages at an affordable price.

Our camp is small, intimate and never too crowded. This is most important during training sessions, as there is room for everyone and our large number of trainers ensures that each person receives individual attention.

All this makes us one of the most popular fitness resorts in Thailand and we are very proud of our 95% success rate and 30% return rate.

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Where it all began

Ever since Christian Daghio founded Kombat Group Thailand in 2004, the camp has been welcoming people from all around the world. Some people come with the goal to lose weight, some train to be advanced fighters in various martial arts and others seek self-defence training to build their confidence.

Over 4000 guests have already passed through the doors of Kombat Group Thailand and we currently have a 30% return rate. Though none of these successes would have been possible if it wasn’t for the passion, dedication and teachings of our beloved legend, Christian Daghio.

Italian-born boxer and distinguished Muay Thai fighter, Christian Daghio, founded Kombat Group Thailand in 2004. He was a seven-time world champion and a veteran of over 230 fights.

Christian’s vision was to help people achieve their goals, fight through the obstacles and chase their dreams, just as he had done himself. Kombat Group was never a business to him but his dream and passion. Because of that, he managed to create a fitness camp with a unique family atmosphere where everyone can feel fully welcomed and accepted.

All Kombat Group trainers and staff now continue to carry Christian’s message and legacy inside their hearts and minds. They are dedicated, kind-hearted and supportive of every person’s journey throughout their stay.

Christian's Achievements