Western Boxing Gym

We are the only boxing camp in Thailand where our guests can train, sleep and eat, all in one place.

Our instructors follow the training system used at the famous Filipino school where Manny Pacquiao started his career.

Boxing in Thailand

There simply isn’t any other Boxing Camp in Thailand with such strong emphasis on Western Boxing. Our Boxing Camp was founded by the legendary Christian Daghio, a WBA PABA ASIA, WBF and ABF Boxing Champion, who made Kombat Group an oasis for every boxer.

Our gym is fully equipped with the most effective tools to improve boxing techniques and performance. Besides 3 standard rings, we also have a Mexican ring where athletes can improve their close distance fighting and increase their stamina by continuously putting pressure on their opponent.

Meet our team

Our Western Boxing classes take place twice a day. The morning sessions start with a warm-up followed by footwork drills, sprinting, conditioning and strength exercises. In the afternoon the warm-up gets you ready for bag drills, pad work, partner play and thrice weekly sparring sessions.

All our trainers and champions are dedicated and talented professionals that will take your skills to the next level. Western boxing is incredibly beneficial for cardiovascular fitness. It primarily involves the upper part of the body, but combined with the speed and agility of footwork, it becomes a full body workout.

Training schedule

Everyone is welcome!

If you are a pro boxer, our trainers will take care of your training and push you to the next level. This will be achieved through hard training and three sparring sessions per week.

If you are an amateur, your abilities will be enriched as well and you will participate in sparring and partner play sessions a few times per week.

If you are a beginner, your training will be done in total safety and you will not participate in the advanced sparring sessions. Instead, you will have partner play sessions with other guests of a similar level.

Whatever level you are now, you will leave Kombat Group with a wealth of experience far superior to when you arrived.

Watch the experience of our guests

See for yourself!

  • Boxing for Beginners and Pro Fighters

    Our courses are divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. We can prepare athletes for their competition or we can arrange pro fights in Thailand and other parts of Asia.

  • Boxing for Weight Loss

    Boxing is definitely one of the disciplines that contribute most towards your weight loss goal. It makes a great cardio workout that burns through your calories and tones and strengthens your whole body.

  • Boxing for Women

    Many women nowadays practice this beautiful art and we have the right environment to push your training a level further. We are also able to arrange fights for women.

  • The Legend Christian Daghio

    Christian was the founder of Kombat Group and the first one to believe in Western Boxing as a magical Martial Art. In his career, he won three boxing belts: WBA PABA ASIA, WBF and ABF.

  • MWestern Boxing for Self Defence

    Boxing is crucial in a self-defence course due to the effectiveness of its strokes, the execution of its speed and the various defence techniques. You will also learn how to handle high-stress situations during our (optional) sparring sessions organized by skill level.

  • Boxing for Kids

    Children have a lot of fun doing boxing and are welcome to our classes. One of our trainers will lead the session for the kids.

Equipment for training

Equipment required for beginners

  • Boxing gloves
  • Hand-wraps
  • Boxing shorts

Additional for intermediate or advanced

  • Mouthguard
  • Groin guard


  • During sparring night we will provide head guards and 16 oz gloves
  • All necessary training equipment can be either rented or bought at our Kombat Gear Shop.
What to bring at Kombat?

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