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Become a certified instructor with our courses

Kombat Group exclusively offers you the opportunity to become certified as an instructor in Muay Thai, Muay Thai Boran, Krav Maga and MMA.

Muay Thai Instructor Course

The topics covered during the course range from basics techniques, extending to those skills required for training professional. The Instructors course is divided into: basic (topics 1 to 6), intermediate (topics 7 to 12) and advanced (topics 13 to 18).

Certified Instructors

Synopsis of Topics:

  1. Explanation of the basic Muay Thai basic fighting techniques
  2. Practice of the Muay Thai basic fighting techniques and sparring (how to do it and how to teach others to do it)
  3. Training with Pad, with Muay Thai teachers
  4. Pad training for professional Muay Thai athletes
  5. Clinch techniques training with Muay Thai experts fighters
  6. How to explain Clinch techniques for Muay Thai fighters
  7. Ram Muay – Explanation of his values for Thai people and development
  8. Sport massage before the match
  9. Warm up before the match
  1. Bandaging and application of vaseline on the face
  2. Explanation of how to wear the  Monkon and expected behaviour of the athlete wearing it
  3. Sporting behaviour
  4. Muay Thai regulations
  5. Scoring during a Muay Thai fight
  6. Movements in attack and in defence in the ring
  7. Presence at the corner during a Muay Thai match (including the massage between rounds)
  8. Evaluation of the score, watching a match from outside
  9. Evaluation of a team’s behaviour in the corner, watching a match from outside

There will be the opportunity to bring you to the stadium abd be present in the corner of our competing athletes and also to evaluate other matches from the outside. Your work will be assessed according to your trainer’s evaluations.

This is a course for educating instructors that will be capable of training students with a wide range of experience, from beginners to professionals.

The final assessment of your instructor skills will be assessed in Bangkok at the headquarters of the WMO. Once passed successfully you will have attained the Diploma od Muay Thai Instructor which is internationally recognized.

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Muay Thai Boran Instructor Course

This course has been created to offer the opportunity for everyone to experience this ancient art of Muay Thai Boran. Kru Yai has been a student of Mr. Yodthong for over 10 years and he has acquired the knowledge, skills and techniques of this little known version of Muay Thai. The course is divided into three principal sections:

  • Beginners: For those who wish to learn the basic techniques of Muay Thai Boran Mae Mai.
  • Intermediate: To be able to use a range of techniques in combination, as in true fight and implement the techniques of defence from the various attacks.
  • Advanced: To have complete knowledge and understanding of all the techniques of Muay Thai Boran, even those unknown to the Western World.
Certified Instructors

Kombat Krav Instructor Course

At Kombat Group we have a very serious approach to any instructor course. Our Kombat Krav instructor course is based on full immersion. There will be five days of hard training during which your physical and mental condition will be pushed to the limit. You will train 5 hours a day for 5 consecutive days. At the end of the course, there will be an exam to test your physical condition and your abilities to manage a class.

PLEASE NOTE: To enroll in this course, you already must have profound skills in a striking orientated martial art (minimum of 2 years of recent training) and be in good physical condition.

Certified Instructors

5-day seminar Level 1/2 (civil oriented)


  1. Warm up and introduction to our Kombat Krav Maga concept
  2. General neutral outlet – stance
  3. General footwork for maximizing the balance for defence and attack
  4. Hand to hand (close combat): striking, boxing, Muay Thai, MMA
  5. Combos: effective attack combinations
  6. Hand to Hand: “dirty tricks” and techniques


  1. 360° defence concept: knives, bottles, unknown objects
  2. Bag training: striking to attack, defence against multiple attackers
  3. Knife fighting: introduction
  4. Knife attack: defence against stabbing and slashing
  5. Knife disarming techniques: introduction
  6. Knife disarming techniques: different angles
  7. Knife disarming techniques: under stress


  1. Management of potentially dangerous situations: cool down
  2. Body language: attack prevention 
  3. Body language: identify a possible aggressor
  4. Baton fighting: defence and attack
  5. Stick fighting: introduction
  6. Stick fighting: light sparring


  1. Conditioning exercise: an overview
  2. Multiple aggressor management
  3. 2 against 1: light sparring
  4. Ground fighting: basic Jiu-Jitsu techniques and posture
  5. Chokes: escape and prevention
  6. Hand to hand/close combat drills: take downs, ground and pound, Jiu-Jitsu


  1. Gun disarming: when and why
  2. Gun disarming: modern techniques
  3. Gun disarming: workout under stress
  4. Counter-terrorism: short introduction and prevention
  5. Water fighting techniques: an overview
  6. Tactical swimming: introduction
  7. Conditioning in extreme situations: exercise routines in the water


Part 1

Physical test: running, conditioning routine under stress, light sparring, gun disarming under stress, knife disarming under stress, immobilizing an aggressor.

Part 2

Communication: manage a class of a 1-hour beginner´s lesson.

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MMA Instructor Course

Kombat Group is the only place in the world where you can find the three most vital aspects of MMA under one roof:

  • Muay Thai – Thai fighters/trainers can teach their national combat sport
  • BJJ & MMA – we have fully qualified instructors of both disciplines
  • Western Boxing – coaches/fighters from Philippine’ school of Boxing, one of the best in the world!
Certified Instructors

Synopsis of Topics:

Our experienced instructors, each within their various disciplines, will teach the essential components of their arts that you require for MMA. Sign up for the Kombat Group advantage and enrol with our instructors, who are/were all professional athletes themselves.

The course is divided into three levels:

  • Assistant Coach (2 weeks)
  • Coach (3 weeks)
  • Instructor (4 weeks)
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