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Spend your sports vacation in a tropical paradise and leave it healthier, happier and more relaxed.

Our gym

We have everything you need – whether you are a beginner, a professional fighter or someone wanting to lose weight and get fit.

Here, at Kombat Group, you will find 800m² of a modern and fully equipped gym which is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden.

It features 4 boxing rings, an MMA cage, an area for heavy bags and speedballs and designated areas for weight lifting and cardio training. This makes it a perfect location for the great variety of combat sports and fitness classes we offer.

If you still have energy left outside your training program, feel free to use the gym any time you like.

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Inside the camp, we offer Deluxe Rooms, Standard Rooms or Shared Accommodation. For those on a budget, we also have rooms in our Fighter’s area right outside the camp.

The more spacious Deluxe Rooms are surrounding the swimming pool and additionally include a mini fridge, a kettle with tea/coffee and a TV + DVD player (you can find a selection of DVDs at our little library in the restaurant).

The rooms in the Fighters’ area are more basic and come with a fan instead of air conditioning.

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Whatever your goal, we make sure you eat to support your maximum performance.

Your All-Inclusive package includes three carefully planned meals that give you all the nutrients and calories you need to get the most out of your training.

If you are here on the Weight-Loss Program, don’t worry about being put on a harsh calorie restricted diet. You need to eat in order to lose fat and gain muscle!

The “What you eat” is more important than the “How much you eat”, so your meals will contain fewer carbs and leaner meat to support your weight loss goal while still making you feel full and satisfied.

If you follow a vegetarian/vegan diet or have other dietary requirements, we will do our best to accommodate you and create suitable meals that meet your needs. Please just make sure to inform us in advance.

If you choose the Fighter’s Package (our most budget friendly option), you will eat inside the Fighter’s area. There you will find 4 different breakfast options and your meals for lunch and dinner will be different Thai dishes.

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A Thai massage leaves you feeling both relaxed and energised, making it ideal during resting periods or as a post-workout recovery routine.

Our qualified Thai masseuse will combine the ancient healing system of acupressure with assisted yoga postures, pulling and stretching techniques to give you the maximum benefits.

Besides the Thai massage, you can also enjoy other types like oil massage, foot massage or head & shoulder massage.

You can find our massage cabin inside the camp overlooking the swimming pool.

Our Signature Massages

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool and adjoining young children’s pool offers you another nice place to relax, refresh and have fun.

All our resort guests are free to enjoy the swimming pool and unwind on the sun loungers in our patio area.

Adding a few rounds of swimming to your daily routine can improve your flexibility and speed up recovery time after a hard workout. Other benefits of swimming are stress relief and better breathing.

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