Sai Kaew Beach (Military Beach)

This beautiful stretch of white sand with overhanging trees and monkeys hopping around is located inside a Naval base. If it gets too crowded for you, you can get a boat to drop you off for a few hours at one of the little islets. Only 20 km from Kombat Group!

Koh Larn Island

A little bit of paradise just off the coast of Pattaya. Enjoy the sun and the sea on this beautiful island. Only 14 km from Kombat Group (plus 20 minutes on the boat)!

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

This is a 500-acre botanical garden with many attractions inside like Thai cultural and regionalized dancing shows and a lot of other things to see and do. Only 17 km from Kombat Group!

The Sanctuary Of Truth

This sanctuary is a handcrafted teak building filled with carvings depicting many traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs. Only 18 km from Kombat Group!

Max Muay Thai Stadium

Cheer loudly for the Muay Thai fighters showing off their skills at the most exciting venue in Pattaya. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and maybe you can even learn a few tricks from watching the pros. Only 10 km from Kombat Group!

Pattaya View Point

Do you want to see Pattaya in all its glory? Then a visit to this scenic viewpoint should be on the top of your list. Only 10 km from Kombat Group!

Cartoon Network Amazone

This Cartoon Network-themed water park is fun for the whole family, especially for the bigger kids. Only 14 km from Kombat Group!

Terminal 21 - Central Festival Mall - Royal Garden Plaza - Harbor Mall

Do you love shopping? Here are the top spots for you. Only 14 km from Kombat Group!

Wat Phra Yai (Buddha Hill)

At this temple which was built in the 1940s, you can see an enormous 18-meter-tall Buddha statue. Smaller Buddha statues in different positions represent the different days of the week. Only 13 km from Kombat Group!

Floating Market

A range of traditional activities, Thai cultural shows and lots of handicrafts and gifts are available at Pattaya’s floating market and make for a great day out. Only 10 km from Kombat Group!

Khao Chi Chan Buddha (Buddha On The Mountain)

Here you can see a spectacular image of Buddha sculpted into a limestone mountain and outlined in gold. It measures an incredible 109x70 meters and was created in 1996 to commemorate the King’s golden jubilee. Only 18 km from Kombat Group!


You can explore this large vineyard with its Italian style buildings on an electric tram. Good wine, good music and good company come together in beautifully sculptured gardens and a relaxed atmosphere. Only 20 km from Kombat Group!

3D Art In Paradise

In this modern interactive museum with amazing 3D paintings, you can become part of the art. Download the free app to also take hilarious interactive videos. Only 16 km from Kombat Group!

Flight of the Gibbon

Are you looking for some action? Feel the adrenaline while soaring across 3 km of ziplines woven through the Thai rain forest. A pick-up service from Pattaya is included in the ticket price. 50 km from Kombat Group!

Underwater World

Discover all the beauty of Thailand's fish and marine creatures without having to dive into the ocean. Only 7 km from Kombat Group!

Alangkarn Theatre

Enjoy the Thai traditional and cultural shows in a new panoramic concept. Featuring Thailand’s longest stage (70m long), watching a show in this beautiful theatre will surely leave a lasting impression. Only 7 km from Kombat Group!


Mimosa Pattaya is a recreation of the French city of Colmar and hosts over 300 shops, restaurants and attractions. The self-dubbed “City of Love” also has one of the best Ladyboy shows in town. Only 7 km from Kombat Group!

Tiffany Show

This famous Transvestite Cabaret Show has been established for over 40 years and was voted #4 in the "Top 10 best shows to see around the world”. Only 14 km from Kombat Group!

Splashdown Waterpark

Splashdown is a new adventure waterpark for teenagers and adults with many great attractions like the tallest inflatable waterslide in the world or the Big Red Balls which will challenge your balance and coordination to the maximum. Only 15 km from Kombat Group!

Pattaya Boxing World Stadium

If you're interested in seeing some great local fights, then be sure to visit this Muay Thai stadium! Only 15 km from Kombat Group!

Mini Siam

Here you can admire all the beauty of Thailand in only one place. Miniature replicas of Thailand’s as well as the world’s most famous buildings and landmarks are set in beautifully arranged gardens. Only 16 km from Kombat Group!