For our meals we use healthy, local produce to meet your nutritional needs and support your training performance.

The restaurant is also the go-to place for that extra coffee, protein shake or snack you might require in between.

Our guests also love the big selection of freshly prepared fruit and vegetable smoothies we have available.

Kombat Gear Shop


Our reception area also includes a fully stocked gear shop with all the equipment required for the different disciplines practised here at Kombat.

From boxing gloves and hand-wraps to shorts and shin guards, you will find everything you need for training.

The shirts with the Kombat Group logo are also a wonderful souvenir to take back home!

Laundry Service and Laundromat


For your convenience, we offer a full laundry service.

Simply leave your laundry basket outside your room and 1-2 days later, your clothes will be returned freshly washed and ready to get sweaty again.

Alternatively, you can also do the washing yourself with our laundromat.

Bycicle Rent


For our Kombat Group guests, we have 4 bicycles available for free rental to make it easier for you to explore the nearby area.

A tour around the nearby lake or to one of the temples makes a nice trip and also gives you a little extra workout.

Motorbike Rental


Kombat Group has a long-standing partnership with a motorcycle rental shop in Pattaya and we continue to be very satisfied with their service and reliability.

Your motorbike will be delivered directly to the camp and picked up again at the end of your rental period which saves you a lot of time and hassle.

You will receive a copy of the rental contract in English to ensure there are no misunderstandings.