Why Kombat Group?

Training at Kombat Group Thailand is for EVERYONE.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro fighter,
whether you want to lose 5kg or 50kg,
whether you look for a new experience or a great challenge:

our fantastic coaches will do their best to help you reach your individual goals. Come join the KOMBAT family and be amazed by yourself!

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Kombat Group Thailand is one of the biggest Muay Thai training camps in Thailand. Founded by champion fighter Christian Daghio, the camp has successfully trained fighters, athletes and enthusiasts for over a decade. With our Thai team of Muay Thai champions, active fighters and instructors, we offer a strong knowledge and understanding of this combat sport in our Muay Thai Classes.

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We are the only Boxing Camp in Thailand where athletes can train, sleep, and eat all under the same roof. Our instructors follow the same training system used in the famous Filipino school where Manny Pacquiao started his career.

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Our all-inclusive weight loss program is designed to reduce body fat, improve health and increase your fitness level. You can expect to see results within only 10 to 14 days!

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Techniques are easy to learn and use, and also extremely effective in case of an attack. During the course, you will learn the tactics to help you combat both unarmed and armed attackers.

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Our Fitness Program gives you access to all the classes we offer. Combine the Functional Training with any Martial Art and take your fitness to the next level.

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The family atmosphere you breathe here is incredible. You won't feel alone, ever. You will push your limits farther and make new friends while the staff takes great care of you. An amazing...

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Spend your holiday in Thailand

ENJOY A FITNESS AND WELLBEING HOLIDAY RIGHT HERE IN THAILAND AT 30% OFF! After months at home, so many of us fell into bad habits, unhealthy consumption and unproductive routines. take a different sort of vacation to put…
The Kombat Blog
14 June 2020
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The Tempo of Rounds in Muay Thai

As discussed in our last article, Muay Thai has a very different scoring system. While judges do score rounds individually, the winner is determined based on the fight as a whole. Judges more so use the the scores…
The Kombat Blog
09 May 2020
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Muay Thai Scoring

As Muay Thai developed a more codified rule system for competition, it also developed its own scoring system. While Muay Thai’s scoring shares many elements with other combat sports, it is quite unique. The most fundamental difference is…
The Kombat Blog
02 May 2020
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Traditions and Rules of Muay Thai

While King Rama V (1853-1910) popularized and established Thai boxing as the national sport, it would continue to evolve into what we now know as Muay Thai. With the introduction of British Boxing in Thailand, Muay Thai began…
The Kombat Blog
25 April 2020
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Popularization of Muay Thai in Thailand

With the incorporation of Muay Thai into military training under King Naresuan the Great (1590-1604), the fighting art began to take root as an integral part of Thai culture. It wasn’t until later in the century, however, that…
The Kombat Blog
17 April 2020
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The Origin of Muay Thai

What we know today of the origin of Muay Thai is unfortunately quite limited and subject to debate. Much of its recorded history was lost 1767 when the Burmese sacked Ayuthaya, then the capital of Siam (Thailand) and…
The Kombat Blog
10 April 2020