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Muay Thai, Boxing and Combat Sports Training, Cross Training and Weight Loss Programs at Kombat Group Thailand camp & resort in Pattaya

Our training courses, facilities & services include:

  • christian-championship-belts.jpg
    Christian Daghio
  • muay-thai-thailand-bag-work.jpg
    Muay Thai
  • western-boxing-thailand-sparring.jpg
    Western Boxing
  • weight-loss-battling-ropes.jpg
    Weight Loss Program
  • trx-classes.jpg
    Cross Training
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    Muay Thai Boran
  • bjj-thailand-class.jpg
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • mma-ground-bagwork.jpg
    Mixed Martial Arts
  • krav-maga-thailand-self-defence.jpg
    Krav Maga
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    Camp & Resort
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    Swimming Pool
combat sports training, self-defense, fitness classes & weight loss programs at Kombat Group Thailand in Pattaya

In our optimal location for training and relaxing, Kombat Group Thailand offers combat sports training and self-defense courses, fitness classes as well as weight loss programs with proven results; Our fighting sports training includes Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Muay Thai Boran, BJJ, MMA and Krav Maga, with Cross Training and Yoga in our fitness classes. Our highly effective Weight-loss Programs combine combat sports training, functional training and an individualized nutritional plan to give you results.
We are a family-friendly all-inclusive training camp and fitness resort located in the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand, on the outskirts of Pattaya City and next to a lake.

Latest News from our Blog

  • Ukraine Muay Thai fighter Serhii wins Max Muay Thai Ultimate in Pattaya
    Ukraine Muay Thai fighter Serhii wins at Max Muay Thai Ultimate in Pattaya
  • Ukraine muay thai fighter wins Max Muay Thai Fighter bout by TKO
    Serhii from Ukraine Wins by TKO against Algerian fighter at MAX Muay Thai in Pattaya
  • traditional thai massage body
    Traditional Thai Massage & holistic therapies now available at Kombat Group resort
  • victory for Andrea Kombat Groups Muay Thai fighter
    Kombat Group Athlete Andrea Altomani Return’s to the Ring for a Muay Thai Match at Boxing World in Pattaya

Our Combat Sports & Training Courses

muay thai classes

Muay Thai Training Camp

Kombat Group Thailand is one of the biggest Muay Thai training camps in Thailand. Founded by champion fighter Christian Daghio, the camp has successfully trained fighters, athletes and enthusiasts for over a decade. With our Thai team of Muay Thai champions, active fighters and instructors, we offer a strong knowledge and understanding of this combat sport in our Muay Thai Classes.

western boxing classes

Western Boxing Gym

We are the only Boxing Camp in Thailand where athletes can train, sleep, and eat all under the same roof.
Our instructors follow the same training system used in the famous Filipino school where Manny Pacquiao started his career.

kombat group thailand home weight loss

Weight Loss Program

Our all-inclusive weight loss program is designed to reduce body fat, improve health and increase fitness. Whatever your starting point, expect results in only 10 to 14 days.

jiu jitsu classes thailand no gi bjj choke venum

BJJ / MMA / Grappling

Improve current skills or learn new ones in the close combat martial arts with specialized instructors. BJJ, MMA and Grappling skills are learned through individual tuition and regular sparring contests.

fitness classes

Functional Training & Fitness Classes

Functional Training, Tac Fit, Cardio MMA and Yoga are just some of the mediums that we use to improve cardiovascular fitness and strength training.

yoga classes pattaya thailand

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes will help you gain a more flexible and strong body by improving your structural alignment and stability.

krav maga classes

Krav Maga

Techniques are easy to learn and use, and also extremely effective in case of an attack. During the course you will learn the tactics to help you combat both unarmed and armed attackers.

Our guest's training & fitness success stories

  • The facilities, trainers, accommodation and training have exceed my expectation... a "MUST COME" recommendation for anyone keen to learn martial arts, lose weight or train as a competitive athlete.

    profile – Adrian, Singapore

  • I feel my 10 weeks at the camp has pushed my "reset button" and I feel a few years younger than before!

     – Dan, Australia

  • I would say... just do it. Jump in feet first and bring a positive attitude. You will be amazed not only at the results in your body, but in your mental state as well.

    profile – Toby, Australia

  • I stayed at Kombat Group for 5 months (with some breaks) and I left 26 kg in their rings.
    But this is only the beginning...

    profile – Vika, Russia

Be inspired by our SUCCESS STORIES

Combat Fitness Promo Offers & Training Deals

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