Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art which favours skill over strength. This makes it suitable for everyone regardless of age, size or gender.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a modern martial art which was born when Japanese master Mitsuyo Maeda travelled to Brazil in 1916. There, he started teaching his ground fighting skills to Carlos Gracie who later passed it on to his brothers. Hélio, being the smallest and weakest of the brothers, had difficulties adapting the techniques. Therefore, he began to make adjustments until they could be applied by anyone, regardless of size or strength.

The Gracie brothers continued together to develop this new version of the martial art which is free from the strict rules of Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. What they named BJJ is now one of the most complete forms of self-defence. It is also great for fitness as it focusses on strength, endurance, joint mobility and balance. Being skilled in BJJ is also considered indispensable for all MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) athletes.

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Group Training in BJJ at Kombat Group


You can join our BJJ course whether you are a complete beginner or already an advanced martial artist. At Kombat Group you can train this fascinating sport with athletes from all parts of the world.

Do you wear a Gi for the first time? You will find instructors that will guide you step by step in the movements and learning of the techniques.

Are you already a BJJ practitioner? You can have fun with new people in a great environment while expanding your technical knowledge.

Daily training sessions both with Gi and without (No Gi) are included in the camp training schedule, so that other classes can also be combined daily. Besides the regular classes, we also hold seminars throughout the year with masters of the best academies who will share not only their methodologies and techniques but also the values that make this martial art one of the most appreciated.


BJJ is widely recommended by physicians, psychologists and educators as the teaching methodology allow realistic and safe training for everyone. Many consider it to be the most complete of all martial arts. Its aim is to promote self-defence without the actual practice of violence.

BJJ cultivates personal growth by strengthening the positive and intellectual qualities of the practitioner. At its core, BJJ is a defence system that requires the use of intelligence. It is an extremely healthy sport that increases endurance, flexibility and coordination. Additionally, it really clears your mind and helps to release stress and above all, it is a lot of fun. Come and see for yourself!

BJJ Technique Demonstration


You can challenge yourself by learning new skills and techniques. This will be a fun experience and give you a solid base.

Flying Technique from Advanced BJJ Competitors


Your coach teaches you according to your skill level and helps you to further improve. You can test out your new techniques during our rolling sessions.

Two Women Rolling on the Kombat Group Mat


Learning what your body can do without the use of power is incredibly beneficial to boost your confidence. Try it out and you might also fall in love with this fantastic martial art!