I would recommend this camp for girls definitely, because the staff treat you well and make you feel like you are part of the team!

My name is Jeraldine and I am from Australia. I went to Kombat Group when I was 20 years old for 1 week.  It was a really good experience.

I had never done any martial arts training before in my life and I wanted to go to see what it would be like, also to lose some weight and tone up. When I got there I was scared because it was only guys there at the time.

But the trainers were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. They made sure that everyone (all the guys training there and the other staff) were friendly, and were always looking out for me. Taking me around on the motorbike if I needed to go somewhere and always looking out to see if i needed help training, doing my glove wraps, wanting company to go for a run.

Christian gave me a room in the hotel next door because I was the only girl and he didn´t want to put me in a shared room with other guys. And I didn´t have to pay extra. He also drove me to the bus stop to go back to Bangkok which he didn´t need to do. He also brought me to see his old training camp when he was younger. I felt very comfortable in Kombat Group because of the staff.

The training was intense because I did two Muay Thai sessions a day, BJJ and BJJ private sessions. I learned a lot about training and toned up intensely after 1 week.

The food was incredible, tasted really good and very healthy and in good quantities! Every morning we had a sandwiches, cereal and fruit. We were provided with water and vitamins during the day. For lunch we would have delicious Italian pasta and for dinner we would have fresh salad and protein.

I would recommend this camp for girls definitely because the staff treat you well and make you feel like you are part of the team!

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