Annika, from Sweden, was at Kombat Group a few years ago, and then she returned a second time after this. During her first visit, she had the luck to be interviewed by Cristian Daghio himself, our beloved founder.

Her first time, interview with Cristian:

Cristian: “Can you tell us why you chose Kombat Group?”

Annika: “I chose Kombat Group because I saw it had a weight loss program, and that it was a well-taught program altogether, the whole package, and I liked that.”

Cristian: Many people are thinking that we are a fighting school, that maybe it’s too dangerous to do the weight loss program here. So, what do you think at the end of your program?

Annika: “No, it’s not too dangerous to do the weight loss program here. I’m a beginner in Boxing and it’s been a really fun experience.”

Cristian: What about the service here? The room? The food?

Annika: “The room is nice, the service is good so yeah all good. “

Cristian: What about your results?

Annika: “I lost 9kg of fat and 6kg of body weight, in 1 month.”

Cristian: Crazy, congratulations!

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Annika second interview: a weight loss camp that felt like home.


At 8AM the Muay Thai starts: an hour of training. After that it’s almost an hour of functional training, then an hour of boxing, then lunch and rest. At 4PM another session of functional, boxing until 7:00. Some of the days, it’s also one hour of yoga afterwards. So yeah, it’s all day.


This time I lost a bit over 7 kg of fat and 2.5 kg of body weight. I’ve transformed the body a bit and that’s good!


They are so lovely and caring towards us customers/guests and towards animals. They rescue them when they are in need. It’s a very friendly atmosphere.


I would say that for four weeks is a good amount of time. The first week is really hard because you are not used to the heat, humidity and the amount of training. That week you are just so tired. The other weeks you start to be more in the moment and have more energy. You are able to explore other things as well.

I’m gonna miss it and all the people here. It’s a great group right now, and I’m gonna miss every single one of them.

You don’t have to have done boxing or Muay Thai before. You can be a beginner without any problem, and you’re always welcome no matter what gender you are. You’re welcome and you are accepted as the person you are.

Don’t hesitate! Go!

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