My name is Isaac Maw, I’m from Jindabyne in Australia. I’ve been here for eight weeks now. I wish I could stay longer! My goal at the start was originally just to lose 20 kilos, but in the first week and a half, I lost about 8 kilos. So, I decided then that 20 kilos would be too easy and I wanted to push myself as hard as I could.

I lost 30.6 kgs in the eight weeks that I was here. Out of 30 kilos, 26 kgs were of body fat. And I lost like 18 cm.

You look at yourself every morning… and all I see is the centimeters dropping off… and clothes that didn’t fit before, fit! Like this shirt: it would fit, but it was stretched. Now it like loosely fits on me.

I think the best memory was the first weigh-in. Just seeing that first weight drop: that was the best!

I chose Kombat Group because it had really good reviews on TripAdvisor. I did a lot of research and I found that there are other camps, but they’re bigger… like there are a hundred people in the class. While here the trainer to student ratio is a lot better. There’s nobody half-hearting, you know?

Everybody is here to better themselves and nobody has judged me at all, even though I can be slower than a lot of the other people in the class. Everybody was so welcoming that first day. After a while, you get to know everybody in the camp, and you’re always doing stuff with other people.

The atmosphere around here is really good, you get a lot of people that are here not just for a few weeks, they’re here for a long time. You get to know the people, you get to know the trainers. It’s very friendly. Definitely come back.

“That’s what I liked. It’s just friendly people and they are here solely to focus.”

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