10 Reasons to join our weight loss program Individuals from all around the world have joined the Weight Loss program at Kombat Group and have achieved incredible results, check out their success stories here! You, too, can get the same results, but if you’re still not convinced, here are the top 10 reasons why you should join us!

1. Location

As you know, Kombat Group is located in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand. Aside from the tropical scenery, you can “enjoy” the year-round heat and humidity, which makes it easier to achieve all the benefits of sweating. The camp’s location is outside of the big city, which means cleaner air, fewer distractions, and a greater focus on your training; however, the city of Pattaya is close enough to go enjoy when you have free time.

2. Individualized program

Each individual in the Weight Loss Program has his/her own customized program to safely and effectively maximize weight loss. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with anyone else. Your program is YOUR program. When you begin, your training will be adjusted to meet your current fitness level. Then we monitor your body composition weekly and use the metrics to adjust your individualized program and/or diet, if necessary.

3. Multi-functional training

Kombat Group specializes in multiple Martial Arts, including Muay ThaiKrav MagaBrazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Western Boxing. This means you can participate in a variety of courses and engage your body in a wide range of exercises to lose fat, increase strength, and improve endurance and flexibility.

4. Experienced trainers/instructors

Our trainers are familiar with the challenges of weight loss and will safely push you to achieve the best results. We also maintain small class sizes and employ numerous trainers so that you can benefit from personalized attention during training.

5. Healthy nutrition

The Weight Loss Program is all-inclusive, which means three healthy, delicious meals are provided each day. Each meal offers low-calorie, low-fat, high-protein nutrition with the goal of sustainable energy for daily workouts while allowing you to lose weight.

6. Social support

Everyone in the Weight Loss Program has similar goals and can support and encourage each other. We all live together in one location, train together, and even socialize together outside of camp. You will make lifelong friends, and the camaraderie allows you to push harder than you would if you were in the gym alone.

7. Stress-free living

Residing at the camp allows you to escape the demands of home and work so that your body and mind can be dedicated to weight loss. Eliminating chronic stress also helps prevent unhealthy cravings, energy loss, and physiological changes that cause our bodies to gain weight.

8. Lifestyle changes

Permanent lifestyle changes are promoted at Kombat Group. Although your goal is to lose weight while here, our program is designed for long-term behavioural change. You receive training to make lifestyle changes that allow you to manage your weight once you leave the camp.

9. Guaranteed results

If you fully participate in the weight loss program at Kombat Group, you will definitely see positive results! Like so many who joined the program before you, you will lose fat, inches, and kilograms while becoming leaner and stronger. Still, don’t believe it’s possible? Watch the testimonials of our winning guests!

10. Ongoing support

Our concern for your health continues after you leave the camp. We offer online support services to keep you on the right track once you return home. If necessary, we will help you plan diet and lifestyle alternatives that can be adjusted to your environment.

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