Weight loss camps, resorts, and retreats are growing in popularity all over the world with people who want to spend their vacations working to achieve better health. Kombat Group Thailand is one of the best in this category and we will show you why!

Due to the many terms used there can be confusion about just what a “weight loss camp” or “weight loss holiday” entails. The term “weight loss camp” or “fat loss camp” is used most commonly and is a place where people who are overweight go to live for a short or long period of time to focus on losing weight in a structured environment that offers exercise, proper nutrition, and support to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Kombat Group functions as a weight loss camp with the added bonus of resort amenities which makes it both a weight loss camp and resort. There is an all-inclusive residential program here so that anyone who wants to lose weight can do so with the aid of:


Each day, except Sunday, there are martial arts and fitness sessions offered both morning and evening. You can participate in a wide variety of training based on the very effective HIIT method which alternates periods of high-intensity activity with low-intensity or rest. (For example, Muay Thai training sessions are three minutes of high-intensity followed by one minute rest period.) Your individualized plan includes dynamic stretching and a mix of different martial arts and fitness classes combined in a way that makes weight loss more efficient. Training six days each week not only allows you to lose fat, increase strength, and improve endurance and flexibility, but it also gets you into the routine of regular exercise.


The weight loss program is all-inclusive so it includes three meals each day which offer the ideal and appropriate balance of protein and fibers with minimal fat. Daily meals are developed by dietitians to be low-calorie, low-fat, high protein nutrition with the goal of sustainable energy for daily workouts while allowing you to lose weight. Also, you learn how to identify healthy food choices and balance meals properly which will assist you in making this lifestyle change.


We monitor your body composition each week and use the metrics to adjust your individualized program or diet, if necessary. These metrics include weight, percentage of lean muscle mass, water retention, and percentage of body fat. Additionally, functional training workouts are timed to create benchmarks to improve each week. We make it easy for you to focus on your personal goal by making the goal simple and easy to measure.


Unlike other gyms and camps, Kombat Group maintains small class sizes and employs numerous trainers so that everyone can benefit from personalized attention during training. This ensures that you make each movement correctly and avoid injury, but it also provides you with encouragement that will motivate you even after you leave the camp. Additionally, Western Boxing and Muay Thai training both guarantee one-on-one ring time with a trainer who will push you to achieve your best.


In addition to the personalized coaching you receive, you also reap the benefits of group training and gain support from the other campers. We all live together in one location, train together, and even socialize together outside of camp which will help you to remain disciplined when eating/drinking off-site. You will make lifelong friends and the camaraderie allows you to push harder than you would if you were in the gym alone.


Though your goal here is to lose weight, our program is designed for long-term behavioural change. You will receive training to make lifestyle changes that allow you to manage your weight once you leave the camp. In addition to learning exercise techniques and gaining motivation, you learn how to make exercise a habit, hydrate properly, listen to your body and plan nutritious meals among many other useful skills.


Kombat Group is a training camp with the amenities of a resort including deluxe accommodations, a private swimming pool, gardens, and an on-site restaurant. Also, being located outside of the city allows guests to enjoy cleaner air and a greater focus on achieving fitness goals.

To learn more about how our weight loss camp & resort can help you, email weightloss@kombatgroup.com.

You have the power to change, you have the power to choose wisely: see the success stories of the fabulous changes we’ve made in peoples lives!

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