My name is Paolo. Over the last 10 years I tried several ways to lose weight and after so many failed attempts today I am finally succeeding in my purpose.

Thanks to the Weight Loss Program at Kombat Group I could manage to lose 49 kg to my surprise.

I am an Executive Chef working in cruise Ships.
Gaining weight in my professional environment is as easy as breeze, you need to constantly deal with challenges related to budget, man power, food administration, menus, provisions etc. working sometimes under a stressful atmosphere for over 12-13 hours a day, of course Good Food to praise or to cheer-up yourself is constantly available, it is free……and just few steps away.
Needles to say in this scenario, if you lose focus before-you-know you can find yourself weighting over 140 kg. Well, this is exactly what happened to me.
In addition to this, my blood test for the first time was not “spotless” showing LDL cholesterol and sugar values over the acceptable levels. For this reasons and because I was not quite feeling to be in good shape (as you might notice from the pictures) I decided it was time to do something for it.

Paolo before and after photo following the Weight Loss course at Kombat Group

For personal family reasons I had to take some time off my work and during this time I managed to combine my fitness program, trying to put myself back to an acceptable health condition.
I immediately excluded the option of doing this in my hometown because there would have been too many distractions from my personal life like family, friends etc. and I was absolutely determined this had to be the turnaround experience of my life, not just “something else I tried”.
Searching the WEB for some weight loss program in Thailand I easily found this camp in Pattaya and I instantly realized it suited my needs. Before talking about my experience at the Camp I would like to share some suggestions about what you absolutely need to bring from home, in case you decide to undertake this Trip. I am talking about something you will not find in Pattaya or anywhere else.
While you are preparing your luggage, along with your clothes I suggest you don’t forget to carry with you the “positive approach, your target and the real motivation” and keep them ALWAYS in sight. It might sound “little talk” already heard so many times and I agree it may be a little cliché but believe me, it is all about it, because no matter how helpful the instructors and the management can be, if you lose track, you dismiss the reason you are there, you stop caring about the money and the time you are spending for this project and you let the bad thoughts go through, then NO help can do for you.
When I said keep them ALWAYS in sight I mean physically. I carried with me a pair of jeans I used to wear “centuries ago” before getting fat, Well, being able to get back in these jeans was MY GOAL so I hanged them right in front of my bed staring at me like a ruthless mentor. In a plain poster paper sheet I wrote-down with a marker IN CAPITAL LETTERS 4 points of the reasons why this process had to be successfully accomplished.

  • You are 45 years old, you will not get any younger but if you take good care of yourself you might still have MANY good years to live
  • Think how wonderful and the feeling of freedom you will sense when you’ll be able to enter any shopping mall, choose some cloth you would like to wear and JUST ASK FOR YOUR SIZE not having the frustration of hearing “sorry Sir we don’t have your size in our stock”
  • You invested ……..Euro on this Adventure, these are not peanuts, it took you ……….. months to put this capital together you certainly don’t want to let it go down-the-drain, make sure you bring home what you are paying for
  • Think of the time you are taking in order to put yourself together, your family, all your friends, your colleagues and all the people you know are expecting to see coming home a healthy man in good shape. You will not disappoint the expectations of the people you care about and you will show them that you are a winner.

Of course this list could go on-and-on for many pages digging deeper in my private life but I preferred to keep it BASIC, fast and easy to read every time I had “chocolate cookies and cheeseburger” feelings. I posted this list on the back of the door in my room “ALWAYS IN SIGHT”. Of course in your case there might be completely different reasons, whatever works for you. All the above helped me several times, especially during some nights… know, the nights you just can’t sleep, you keep rolling on your bed and at a certain point you somehow convince yourself that the only solution to this problem is the “7-Eleven” mini-market just around the corner and open 24/7.
I well remember how these times I used to forget ALL my goals and motivations replacing them by an easier “OK, it’s just for one time, what can be the damage in the long run?”. Then I switched on the light, got dressed and just before stepping out of the room the poster was “shouting loud” the 4 points reminding me of what could be the damage in the long run and of what I had to lose. Well, this worked most of the times….not all the times, nobody is perfect I am certainly not the exception. Anyway, I tried to constantly keep myself together, Focus on how great this thing was for myself and how different my life would have been from now on. And especially I tried not to go insane, reminding myself that the jeans I hanged in front of my bed are not staring at me and the 4 points list posted on the door is not actually shouting at me, it has been useful to figure it as a mentor but at the end it is just a piece of paper.

Paolo train in Muay Thai as a part of his Weight Loss Journey

Life at the camp

Living here you feel like being home, you meet and hangout with fellows that fully understand what you are going through because they are most likely here for the very same reason.
From the first day until I left I received help and support for my weight loss program from the wonderful staff, the owner family and also from all the guests of the Camp with whom I shared this Adventure.


In Thailand the weather can be very harsh, in the Summer it reaches 35-40 Celsius but you can feel it even higher because of the high humidity rate and during the raining season it rains almost every day.
Trust me, when you are done after hours sweating in the gym you just want to have a shower and lay on Your bed instead of having to deal with long walks under the tropical Thai Sun to Reach Your room.
At least for the first part of this journey I wanted to be able to rest just few steps away from the gym, on this purpose I purchased a full package which includes trainings, meals and room at the camp.
The room was well-designed, functional and comfortable, nothing I needed was missing, private bathroom, flat screen Cable TV, full range High speed Wi-Fi, AC and housekeeping service.
Being comfortable during My rest time significantly helped me to devote all the required energy to fulfill the intense and demanding daily workout. For the last part of this adventure I got used to the hot and steamy Thai weather so I decided to
move in a room-rent Hotel close to the camp.

Paolo eating at Kombat Group

The Meals

The dishes looked just like the pictures you see in the web site, well presented and tasted good, every single meal was entirely organized by Nat from the management family and pe