With the exponential growth of the One Championship circuit, the opportunities for Italian MMA fighters are continuously increasing. We are very proud that champion trainer Lorenzo Borgomeo has chosen Kombat Group as a base camp for the final fight preparation of his athletes.

Lorenzo is coaching fantastic athletes such as:

  • Mauro Cerilli – OneFC fighter
  • Alessio Di Chirico – UFC fighter
  • Carlo Pedersoli – UFC fighter
  • Valerio Mircea – European champion Eagles
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October 13th, one of his top athletes, Mauro Cerilli, will be fighting against Arjan Bhullar during the One Championship Century event in Tokyo.

Lorenzo and Mauro will be at the camp during the two weeks prior to the match for the acclimatization and finishing of the athletic preparation. During these two weeks, not only will you have the chance to look closely at how a high-level athlete prepares for an important meeting, but you will have the opportunity to participate in the Mixed Martial Arts seminar held by Lorenzo himself.

Two hours of training a day during which you will be followed closely by the best MMA coach in Europe: from 01 to 10 October, for a total of 20 hours of training.

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This will not be a simple seminar. You will live for 10 days side by side with real champions, sharing moments of your days and hours on the tatami!

Do not miss it!

Prices from the 1st to the 10th of October

  • Seminar only – 15,000 baht
  • Seminar + Single Deluxe Room* + 3 Meals a Day** – 37,500 baht
  • Seminar + Single Standard Room* + 3 Meals a Day** – 32,800 baht
  • Seminar + Single Fan Room* + 3 Meals a Day** – 28,000 baht
  • Seminar + Dormitory Fan Room* + 3 Meals a Day** – 25,900 baht

*Check-in after 08:00 am on the 1st October – check-out before 11:00 on the 11th October;
**from lunch on the 1st October until breakfast on the 11th.

Shorter stays are possible. Contact us using the form below: