When I decided to go to Thailand, I was thinking in changing my life, I was going through a very tough moment.

As soon as I arrived, I knew my life was about to change. I just didn’t think that it would change that much.

While I was in the taxi heading to Christian Daghio’s camp, I couldn’t stop wondering if that was the right decision. I had no practice in any fighting sports and not a clue about my chance to handle the training sessions.

I made my decision after reaching 130 kg, and almost not willing to have any social life. I was hoping to find someone able to help me in having a better life and regain my shape.

It took me a second after stepping into the camp to notice what a charismatic leader is Christian. He managed the camp with such energy that I would never imagine someone may have. Along with Chris, there was also the BJJ instructor, a guardian angel if you ask me. We bond since the first days.

The program that Chris and Roby prepared for me was very hard, and I had no idea of the result that I may achieve. I was very close to depression… in the first weeks, I haven’t seen any good results, just 2 or 3 kg and a lot of tiredness, and the willingness to give up, to come back home, but one day the BJJ instructor and Christian came in my room to talk, they both noticed that there was something wrong with me, I explained my situation, I didn’t know that the training will be that hard.

The BJJ instructor sat next to me and said me something that still helps me and inspires me

He said:

”I rather be happy for having the chance of fighting for the things I love, no matter how hard it is, than be unhappy by giving up this chance”

Something happened in my mind. I convinced myself I would be capable of it because that’s what I wanted.
With a new energy, I started again with my program, still having some hard times and some blue days when my mind wasn’t that focused, but the BJJ instructor was always there for me. He’s the personal trainer I always wanted to have.

After almost 4 months, I dropped more than 30 kg, I was happy, and being able to feel like this helped me to regain my confidence coz my emotional and professional life is improving.

Today I keep training at home, following every piece of advice I’ve learned. The 30 kg is just a memory, and my body keeps getting better and better.

I’d like to thank Christian Daghio because his camp and staff made my dream become real, and a special thanks also to the BJJ instructor. He was always there for me and managed to make me defeat my inner demons, which is something that no one else was ever able to do for me, he’s a fantastic person, and I hope every client has the chance to train with him, but especially to talk with him, and I’m sure that if they do that they will find not only a great personal trainer but also a true friend or how he was in my case an angel who saved me from myself.

Love you guys.

Mirko Rosa