My memorable experience at Kombat Group

My experience at Kombat Group began on January 4, 2013, with the arrival at the Camp of the Great Master Christian Daghio, Pluri-World Champion and Muay Thai authorities recognized throughout Thailand and the world.

I arrived at 22:00 at the Camp; after that, Christian had arranged to perfection from Bangkok to Kombat before I departed from Italy.

To greet me at the camp him in person and his two fantastic pitbulls “Simba and Nala” icon and logo of the Kombat Group and after a brief interview of knowledge he showed me my room and around the Camp.

The next morning, as there were no training because it was Saturday, I had breakfast at the Camp, where I found courtesy and quality, and in the afternoon I started the training.

The daily training sessions were held from 08:30 to 10:30 and from 17:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday, and Saturday only from 17:00 to 20:00.

Normally the first half hour of training sessions was dedicated to warm-up.

The sessions were intense and well organized: Warm-up , five minutes work on the pads with execution of the basic strokes of defense and Muay Thai  attacks, pushups, boxing and work on the bags, of which the camp is well supplied.

Concludes the training free sparring and clinching, practiced in the three ring at the center of the training’s area.

Rhythm and intensity of training within the camp are periodically marked by a teacher who accompanies all the unfolding of the session, where all are trained simultaneously.

For me it was not over yet, after the Muay Thai course i went in the Cage, where I continued training until 22:00 for the MMA Instructor  Course with the greatest Masters of MMA and BJJ.

I was constantly followed throughout my stay at Camp, with regard to the Muay Thai from the best teachers of the East: Poo, Yai, Yut, Apichai, Moon, and the best instructors that I could never find Christian Daghio and Andrei (Russia) for MMA, Christian (Sweden) and Lata (Serbia) for BJJ.

In addition to training in the last two weeks without my knowledge the Great Master Christian organized me BJJ tailored sessions specific for MMA.

So I would like to highlight the fact that the training done in this month was characterized by a multi-purpose practice that embraces the entirety of all the areas of the fight standing and on the ground.

Marco Corapi training in MMA
Group photo with Marco Corapi at the end of his training

Then there is not yet over, Barbara Gandini, the Personal Trainer that everyone dreams, but only those who are training to Kombat can take advantage of its experience and preparation.

She is not just a well prepared personal trainer but also a friend that with infinite patience listens to you and tells you the right thing to do.

It was a wonderful experience, focusing on legendary Muay Thai, MMA and BJJ.

Kombat Group shared with me the experience and technical knowledge, the degree of preparation of the Master Christian Daghio and his aides has been nothing short of impeccable.

So what to say, it was all wonderfully special!

On the last day, February 2, 2013, which for me will be unforgettable was handed to me by the Master Christian Daghio the Diploma of MMA instructor recognized by ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) to which I attach particular sentimental value, confirmed to me from having been delivered by a great man as a Christian.

At Kombat Group was created a family and at the time of the return home I assure you it was hard to be able to hold back the tears.

I wish to extend a special thanks to Christian Daghio and his wife Nat that were close to me at a particular moment of my course at the Camp, the small and amazing Angela that delighted us with his smile softening the hard work of training, to Barbara G. that dedicated me precious time to teach circuits Fitness, Cardio-Fitness and much more, the Masters Thai Poo, Yut, Moon, Yai, Apichai who have followed me in Muay Thai increasing my experience and correcting my faults, Andrei Russian MMA Instructor, Christian Swedish Instructor brown belt in BJJ, Lata Serbian Instructor BJJ black belt, who have taught me along with C. Daghio the MMA.

Thanks to Simon for his valuable advice and a special thanks goes to Lee and Anne, the girls in the kitchen have been able to listen to my needs, doing everything possible to satisfy them.

Thanks again to all the athletes of different ethnicities who I met at Christian’s Camp which are now unforgettable friends.

THANK YOU Kombat Group, THANK YOU Christian Daghio.

A warm hug.

Marco Corapi

Grappling class for Marco Corapi
Group photo at the end of training with Marco Corapi