Alive Again – A Weight Loss Journey

Alive Again is a YouTube series that follows the journey of Anthony Farid around Thailand and here in Kombat Group as he fights his battles with obesity and depression. We see his mentality and physicality change as he pushes himself day by day with the assistance of our trainers, fighters and cooks. As we join his journey in becoming a healthier version of himself, we will also get the opportunity to join him as he explores what makes Thailand the most beautiful and unique destinations in the world.

Stay tuned and visit the blog frequently. Not only you will see the links to the new vlogs, but towards the mid of Anthony experience, we will have a giveaway for 2 weeks of our Weight Loss Program!

Alive Again Episode. 7

Anthony, Florian and Sabby decided to hunt down a secret beach in Phuket. Surin Beach is a hidden gem without tourist and boats that litter the beautiful blue water. Although it was a long drive to find, Surin Beach is a must-see if you find yourself in Phuket.

Another of their favourite place is the one and only Ali’s BBQ. Every dish is carefully cooked and plated to perfection. Their entrées are so mouth-watering good that even our own Vegetarian, Sabby TRIED MEAT FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!

They end the day listing to the smooth sounds at the Music Matter Jazz club. At this jazz club, you hear some of the best musicians perform that sweet jazz. It’s a great place to unwind after a long day of exploring (getting lost).

Alive Again Episode. 6

Said to be the WORLD’S MOST BIZARRE FESTIVAL, they travel to Phuket to see if what they say holds true. Without a doubt, this experience was one Florian and Anthony, including their special guest/photographer Sabby Rai, will never forget.

They start the journey in the beautiful islands of Phuket. As they make their way to the heart of the city to find the center of all the action for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, they witness the locals perform their rituals and submerge themselves within their religious beliefs.

11 February 2020: Eating Rats

Alive Again Episode. 5

This week Anthony and Florian are back to Thailand and start off their day exploring Pattaya’s streets and markets. Eventually, they find a beautiful market that promotes the ban of plastic and does their best to use organic and recyclable products like bamboo, palm leaves, paper plates, etc.: Phelachy Market.

Then they head back to Kombat Group for BJJ practice. Afterwards, they are met with a surprise: Nat, the owner of the gym, arrived from her trip to North Thailand. With her, she brought the LARGEST RATS we have ever seen.

Note: we do not serve rats at Kombat Group! The decision to try this “delicacy” was all theirs.

03 February 2020: How to do a Thai Visa Run in Laos

Alive Again Episode. 4

On this weeks episode of Alive Again Anthony and Florian head off to Laos to extend their Thai visa.
They get to wander the city of Vientiane as they wait for their visas for Thailand to be approved. They find themselves looking for off the grid authentic markets, they try some of the delicious food and hang out with some of the locals.

They also show what you need to do and what you should avoid when getting your Thai visa extended in Laos. Here is the list of the best hotels near the Royal Thai Embassy.

Until the next episode, remember to join the journey and inspire others.

28 January 2020: Lost in Bangkok

Alive Again Episode. 3

On this week’s episode, Anthony and Florian get a chance to hit the streets of Bangkok.

They start off their journey exploring an old market where the vendors set up their array of unique foods and hand made trinkets on train tracks. To their surprise, the train is still active and the vendors must quickly remove everything before the train comes through.
Maeklong Railway Market

After, they find themselves in what could be arguably a tourist trap, at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Everything is twice if not three times more expensive and it can get very busy with many tourists. However, if your heart is set on visiting this market, we strongly suggest you arrive as early as possible to beat the heat and crowd.

They end the day strong by exploring the largest china town in Thailand. This place is a must-see. This is by far one of the best markets they had the opportunity to visit. The staggering numbers of vendors and the incredible variety of food will keep wanting to see what’s around the next corner.
China Town Market

21 January 2020: Training starts

Alive Again Episode. 2

On this week’s episode reality sets in.

After more than a year and a half of doing nothing except for eating, sleeping and sh!$%ing it is time to put words into action.

It’s time for a change.

What better way to start, then to shave off a year-long beard and finally walk into a gym and actually begin training. We learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai, how to wrap your hands, and not surprisingly the lack of upper body strength that Anthony now has.

As exhausting as it is to do basically any physical activity at this moment, we are proud that today for Anthony was the first step on the road to recovery for both his mental and physical state.

No matter how small the first step is, as long as it is in the right direction then you will be that much closer to your goal.

13 January 2020: weight-in day

Alive Again Episode. 1

On this week’s episode, we take it from the beginning. Who is Anthony, how he got obese, and how he fell into depression.

Barbara Gandini, the head operational manager of Kombat Group, will explain what makes Kombat Group different from all the rest of the fitness/fight camps in Thailand. Barbara also breaks down what the next few months are going to look like as Anthony tries to reach his fitness goal

After a year and half of eating as much as he can and whatever he wants, he steps on the scale and sees the number.

12 January 2020: the adventure starts

Alive Again is a new fitness, travel, adventure series. In this show, we will follow the epic journey that Anthony Farid took upon himself to hopefully inspire those who want to make a change in their own life.

He will lay everything on the table and discuss the true struggles of being overweight such as food addiction, depression and what it takes to feel Alive Again.

As he takes the steps towards a better version of himself, he will also be exploring the fascinating culture and incredible people of Thailand.

Join the journey and inspire others.

Disclaimer: Anthony is not a health professional or fitness coach. What works for him, may not work for you. This is his own journey that we hope can motivate others. Kombat Group is not responsible for incorrect information.


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