Today’s interview is with Kyle Dobson, 18 years old and at Kombat Group for 3 months!

What do you think about the resort so far?

The resort’s great. I think the training facility, especially, is pretty awesome. You’ve got all the rings and all the bags that you would need. The room that I was staying in was totally comfortable, had everything I needed in it. It’s pretty good. Good stay.

What goals did you have when you first came here?

When I first came here, I was looking to just improve across the board, for the different disciplines that I was training in; just get in better shape and just ultimately enjoy myself and learn.

Sport wise, what did you do mainly?

So I trained in Muay Thai, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I did Muay Thai for the majority of the time, because I was expecting to have a fight, which eventually fell through. So I would say the majority of the training was spent doing Muay Thai.

Did you connect with any of the trainers while you were here? Anyone that really stood out to you more?

Yeah absolutely, a lot of the trainers were absolutely fantastic. The boxing trainers especially were really good at getting an interpersonal connection with you; making sure they met you where you were at; then really participated in helping you succeed and grow, and I really appreciated that.

How about the ambience? What did you experience people-wise?

A good experience for me was the people that come to train here from so many different places. You’re all in like a confined space doing the same activities, and it’s really cool because you all get to get to know each other really quickly and grow with each other and develop some pretty cool relationships, which I think totally helped the total feeling of the place. Then as far as location is concerned, it’s in a pretty good spot because you’re just outside of a city where there are things to do on your day off. It’s entertaining and it’s fun but then you’re just barely outside of that so you’re not distracted so you really focus on your training, and I think that’s pretty good.

What would you tell everyone else that might be thinking about coming here can’t make up their mind?

I would definitely come. It’s a fantastic place. I think the training is fantastic; the coaches are fantastic; the people you’re going to meet. It’s all-around great. I had a fantastic experience here.

“I would definitely come again given the opportunity.”

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