Hi, my name is Winston I am 49 years young and from England. I first thought about training in Thailand around 4 years ago I had looked at numerous training camps in Thailand and always promised myself “one day” I will go and train there. Then I had my first TIA (Minor Stroke)…

I have since had 4 yet still, I was unable to put my health first it was always working or as I assumed I had something more important to do normally work related.

In early 2014 I told myself I was going to Thailand to get fit and lose weight, I searched the web and was instantly attracted to the Kombat Group website, trust me, I researched it seemed every training camp in Pattaya Phuket and Chaing Mai, yet I was always drawn back to Kombat Group.

I read all the testimonials which were all inspiring, yet kept hesitating about attending Kombat Group at the time not knowing the reason which I see today, I felt that I had to be at the very least knowledgeable about Mauy Thai and have some sort of fitness before entering the camp, I was also petrified of DOGS.
I kept mentioning going to Thailand to my daughters and one day my eldest said to me “dad just book the flight and go” this was March 2014.

My flight was booked for July 12th 2014 and I had decided if I was to do this I would need to be there for at least 12 weeks I paid the deposit sent Christian an email to confirm I was coming and to expect me.
As usual something important (so I thought) again work related prevented me from going so I changed my date to the 12th September 2014 in order that I had more time to sort out my business.

On the 16th July 2014 I had my third TIA this was the last straw I had to put my health first my children insisted, my business would always be there and they were prepared to take over whilst I was away.
For the next 8 weeks I prepared myself for this life changing adventure.

Photo before and after showing Winston's results

On my arrival at the camp on the Saturday morning I was met by Barbara the weight loss instructor I was made to feel comfortable straight away I was asked if I wanted to train that afternoon which I declined and was told my training would start on the Monday morning at 9 I was taken to my room which was perfect and then introduced to the dogs, as stated earlier dogs were not my favourite animal but to my amazement within a week I was oblivious to them or the fear of them they are totally harmless this statement is coming from a confirmed a person that WAS petrified of dogs, so thatwas one challenge I had overcome nowfor the main event.
On my first day I was weighed measured and given a mild fitness test I was unable to do most exercises but was encouraged by Barbara that I was not to worry as I would improve. I was also fortunate to arrive with some lovely people that were at the camp who were much more advanced than me either boxers or muay thai fighters who all gave me great encouragement and made me feel as though I should be there amongst them (most gyms I had attended I had been ignored) and was always helped by everyone.
The trainers were all excellent in their own unique way, they were forever encouraging me to do that bit extra without putting too much pressure on me

Whilst at the camp I injured my knee I thought this would be a problem but they just advised me what to do and what not to do my training was adjusted to accommodate this fact. I was told early on that I would grow to love the training and it would not feel like chore, that has been my experience.

If there is one thing I would change that would be me leaving the camp that was the worst thing to do. I would suggest that if you decide to go to Kombat stay at the camp and dedicate yourself to what you are there for, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity so make the most of it.

Since returning home I have kept up my training I struggle with my food consumption but it is a lot better than when I went to Kombat and I am still losing kilos.

My friends and family are amazed at the transformation in me, that includes my new way of thinking, I was hoping to be back at Kombat in April but that has been change to July this I hope will be an annual event for me so I do not lose my focus and to keep in touch with some great people.

I cannot finish without mentioning all the staff from the chefs to the cleaners as well as Christian’s family they are all excellent and nothing was ever too much for them.

If you are reading this I would strongly suggest that you take the next step and fill the form below!