Best result: Michele, 50 years old, lost 30 kg in 55 days!

I was born on January 6th 1961 in Belgium; today I am fifty and could write ten books, each of a thousand pages about the experiences of my life.

Almost everything, but I was missing, the sports, oh yes, I’ve never had one minute of time or the desire to play sports, I was in a quiet moment of my life out of a bad story, and finally I took a great decision!

I looked at myself in the mirror: a disaster, 120 kg., a disgusting belly, fat hanging from all sides, double chin, in short “unwatchable”.

A little nervous for the hunger I was smoking 60/70 cigarettes a day and so could not go on, I began to ask to my friends what I could do and what solution there might be to practice a sport suitable for my problem and my age.

Well, I’ve heard all kinds of advice, then I decide to visit a gym where I met the manager, a sort of Mr. Clean (in Italian Mastro Lindo), an incredibly physically inflated, that began to say that in sports there is no age to start and that if I wanted to be like him, that was possible in about 2 years if I followed him seriously, doing everything he said and investing a bit of money for vitamins and other pills because that was fundamental for the diet, when I refused the program of vitamins, pills, etc. needed to become a superman, he sent me to another room where there were about fifty spatial equipment for fitness.

Before and after results of Michele
Michele with some of the girl training in Muay Thai

All right. I made the card and began my adventure, starting on a Wednesday from 16:00 to 18:00, they told me to go back on Friday at the same time, I arrived and began with the bike, there were about fifty women, including one close to me that cycling started to tell me about her problems and …. ok in short !!!!! In the evening we went at the restaurant, then disco, alcohol and smoke, going around till 4 am then a sandwich and finally in my bed, the result 124 kg !!!!!

Ok, so I realized that was not right and I was a bit worried “What to do?”

Watching in TV an old martial arts movie I remembered my son who once practiced Thai Boxing and I began to think that when I was a young boy dreamed to be like Bruce Lee, an hero! So I started to do Google searches on the Martial Art Thai Boxing and I found a site: in Pattaya, Thailand, the homeland of Muay Thai and a light bulb lit in my head.

I opened the site and I was impressed! Christian, an Italian world champion, said: “Come and get in shapes as an athlete, camp life, healthy food, sports, no alcohol, no cigarettes and no distractions.”

Ok, I sent an email explaining my situation, my problems and what I was hoping to get.
My biggest concern was that age (well let’s face it, a man of 50 who has never given nor received a punch in his life) appeared as a mission impossible.

After a few hours I received an email from Christian saying so:

“Mr. Michle Gallo, allow me to reiterate your claim on the mission impossible.
Impossible is just a word spoken by small men who find easier to live in the world that has been given, rather than trying to change it.
Impossible is not a fact, is an opinion.
Impossible is not a rule, is a challenge.
Impossible is not the same for everyone.
Impossible is not forever.”

Wow! I was a bit with bated breath, I felt a great adrenaline that still I can feel on my skin after 4 months from the reception of the message, the mail continued so:

“See Michele, I do not want convince you, but I answer to your questions, put your will and let the rest to us, come here with clear ideas. For your age there is no problem, sport is for everyone but it should be done in moderation, be adapted to the person with the right measure, the important thing is to practice, you say that want to follow our Weight Loss Program, then if you have your head on your shoulders and you’re convinced, at least try it, if it goes wrong you will return home.”
Best regards

Michele play with some sparring in the gym