For my entire life I have struggled with being overweight and finally decided to take time off to do something about it this last August.

I was 41 years old at the time and definitely in poor physical shape. I rarely exercised or did any sports before entering this program.

For sure I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at Kombat Group, but after 90 days in the Weight Loss Program, I lost a total of 20 kilos!

I am very happy with this result. Yet I am sure I could have lost even more weight, maybe another 5 or more kilos, if I hadn’t been ill for so many days during my time there.

But my positive experience at Kombat wasn’t just about weight loss.

I also learned good diet and exercise habits, became more flexible, increased my stamina, learned some very useful self-defense skills, and also had a great time and met a lot of new friends as well.

The Weight Loss program is rigorous and certainly not easy at first. Some days it is a real struggle to get out of bed and go to morning trainings or make it to the end of the evening trainings.

Lance results following our Weight Loss program

And for me, the first week was almost unbearable as I tried to get used to the heat and humidity in Pattaya along with the intense workout schedules.

In addition, for the first couple of weeks I had trouble sleeping at nights because of soreness and adrenaline levels keeping me up till just before dawn

But in the end, it was totally worth the effort and I got the results I wanted.

Moreover, I am especially glad that I opted to take a room at the camp. Most of the other participants in the program who lived offsite missed many more training sessions than I did because it was just too inconvenient for them to drive over to the camp from downtown (especially when there is lots of traffic or it is pouring down rain).

In addition to making workouts more convenient, living right next to the camp helped ensure that I took most of my meals at the camp’s dining room instead of going out to eat at offsite restaurants or food stalls.

If you can avoid cheating on the diet too often and you stick with the meals served at the camp, you definitely will be pleased with the numbers that show up on the scale during weekly weigh-ins.

However, the best thing about Kombat Group is the staff. I found the trainers to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

Barbara, who manages the weight loss program and does the functional trainings with you, is especially helpful. She is a great motivator and seems to have no end to her energy level. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Barbara is also very professional and good at creating workouts that use the best techniques for weight loss while also not being too repetitive or boring.

The Muay Thai trainers at Kombat are also great.

Many are former or current Muay Thai Champions and all of them are patient and very good at what they do.

Losing weight for Lance: results before and after

Each trainer has different strengths: one good at teaching combination moves, others at increasing your stamina, while another good at teaching precision with movements and technique.

I liked the fact that you could ask to train with different trainers in order to vary your training experience and focus on different skills. And for sure, all the trainers were friendly and had a great sense of humor. Even when I was in pain and exhausted after hours of training and still not able to get some Muay Thai technique correct, I never felt intimidated or upset when the Thai trainers corrected me.

There was always a seemingly inexhaustible amount of patience for beginners. Everyone at Kombat, the long-time students, the trainers, the cooks and cleaners, all seemed to be like one big happy family. The fact that they enjoyed their jobs was evident and it made my experience at Kombat enjoyable as well as productive.

The Weight Loss program at Kombat Group is not easy, but it works.

You have to stick to the schedule and diet as much as you can.

Lance followed our weight loss program and here are the results

Nobody is perfect of course, and you won’t be able to make every training session (or always follow the diet… the fast food in Thailand it just too good to pass up some days), but just don’t let yourself be discouraged if you miss a training or don’t lose weight over a couple of days. Just get back to training schedule as soon as you can. If you follow the schedule and put in a lot of effort, you will find your energy levels increasing over the weeks, and before long, you will look forward to your next weigh-in because you know you did well that week.

I highly recommend Kombat Group.

Take time off and do this if you can. It will make positive life-long changes for you. You just have to stay motivated and get through the first weeks of intense training, after that, you will see great results and won’t want to leave when your last day of training finally arrives.


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