In 2011 I went for the first time at the Pattaya Kombat. That one time has been enough because I stay fascinated by the content of the training and the people responsible for the management of the camp and since then, every year, as a lure, I feel strong and overwhelming desire to return.

Each new time there enriches my wealth of experience and my emotional sphere.

This last visit saw me as a spectator of new goals, primarily the second camp opened by Christian Daghio: a spectacular, spacious and comfortable place, offering visitors the chance to regenerate, as I have experienced.

There, among those people, it was easy to re-establish a new harmonious balance with me.
The figures that animate it are, extremely, highly professional at the level of sports training. Every single trainer has high competence and among everyone this year, a teacher of boxing has completely captured my enthusiasm and caught my attention: Do Dong.

And if you are wondering how there can be western boxing in Thailand, I can confirm that our Daghio was able to choose one of the best who practices this noble art.

Do Dong is a great trainer, with a level of training and technical style better than many masters on our beloved national territory.

Has boxing in DNA and his passion towards this sport shines through his every move on the field; suffice to look at his style and his behaviour in the ring to let tow by his enthusiasm and his union with this art. His workout becomes, emulating him, necessarily your workout in a yearning for perfection.

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And then there are Christian, Barbara and Simone, special people in their simplicity, affable, and worthy of all my respect that, in a very short time, have managed to make me proud of their friendship and honoured to participate and make me part of their family. They simply do not handle the field, but they work on you, leaving you to get in touch with your mind until you feel in total harmony with every part of you.

And that feeling of harmony and integrity results in a very strong feeling of being VITAL … AND STRONG … inside before than outside of yourself.

A fantastic adventure come to an end too quickly but lived with such deep intensity and participation by letting into the inevitable feeling of a simple goodbye.

To those who had not yet been to the camp of the Christian Daghio ‘s Pattaya Kombat, I strongly advise not to wait any longer; it will be worth definitely, worth both as for those who love fighting as for those who wish to find themselves.

This year I’ve taken away the teaching of Christian that “you get on the ring to win” and that there is no impairment than that of the barriers of prejudice. After a month of training with the wonderful Dong, Christian organized for me a boxing match.

Though I was fighting from many years in Italy, I had never tried before the excitement of boxing, as the Italian Pugilistic Federations do not allow me under a handicap to my left hand. Christian guided me in this totally new experience, has guided the mind and body to take me on a ring completely new to me, leaving me to fight against a Thai.

So there, in Thailand, for the first time, Carmela Pesacane wore gloves to try a new challenge. And that challenge in boxing gloves enclosed passing a border, a limit, of injury…

I Won … I Won on the ring and I’ve learned that you can snatch new victories to life.

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