We had a chat with George, who came all the way from the UK to Thailand to train in Western Boxing.

What were your thoughts coming to the camp? What were your hopes and inspiration?

Well, I’ve been in boxing for a few years now and I ’d been out of boxing for a while. I just wanted to get back into it, get back in the swing of things and really try and get the feel for these camps. I’d heard about these camps in Thailand and just wanted to try one out.

Was this your first camp in general?

First time I’ve ever done one. I’ve done a couple of camps for fights but near to local places I was living. This way my first time actually eating, sleeping within a camp and waking up and training.

Tell us a little more about your training? How does your day usually go?

Wake up then I have breakfast, usually about 7:30, get in to training about 9:00, and I train for about an hour. I rest throughout the day and then train for another couple of hours in the evening.

What were your thoughts on the training itself? How do you feel training with the coaches here and the other customers?

Honestly, excellent. In all honesty. Like I say, I’ve been to a few different gyms now, probably about five different boxing gyms all around London, Australia and here. It was excellent here. I learnt a lot. I felt like I’ve learnt a lot. Like I said, I was trying to get back to boxing, and I felt like it was educationally top. Really good.

Diploma photo for George with his trainers

Since you ate all your meals here, what were your expectations on the food? Or at least, what did you think about it after your week here?

I did think it would be along with the sort of health train because you kind of need that to train with. But it was excellent really. To be honest with you, I’ve been trying to be strict since I’ve been here, and I don’t think I’ve had anything bad for me. The food is good, and it’s probably helped me with regards to energy and things like that. I felt like I’ve had enough energy to get through training, and I think the kitchen helped a lot.

After your two weeks here, did you reach your goals? How do you feel now?

Yeah, I’ve reached my goals. I’m not going back to boxing full-time yet. I’ve got another little bit of travelling to go after this. But as for getting back into boxing, getting my hands moving again, working on stuff and sticking with it, I thought it was brilliant really. It’s going to help me with the confidence to get back into my training. I felt like the coaches really set me good goals and made me realize what I need to work on when I do go back to boxing.

There are going to be people that are watching this interview here, and they’re going to be hesitant on whether or not to come. What would you tell them?

I’d tell them to go for it! I think that in the time I’ve been here, I’ve seen all different levels, and there’s nothing but help, nothing but a good vibe here. You’ve got coaches that’ll pick up lower-level boxers and then people that can coach professional boxers. I think everyone’s going to learn here, and its a good environment. There’s nothing but smiles and congratulating each other after every workout. Everyone’s going through the same pain and the same thing. Learning and enjoying the learning process, because boxing is a hard game, but you know, it’s been brilliant.

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