On November 23rd, 2017 our pro boxing fighter Micheal Whitehead fought a 6 round match in Bangkok.

Micheal prepared with our boxing trainers for a month after coming to Kombat Group Thailand to improve his training routine and have the opportunity to fight.

The match took place in Bangkok at the Suamlum Night Bazaar, with six rounds that were three minutes each. Michael had to faceĀ a strong Thai opponent, Adisai Chantanin (5-3-0), in the 65 kilogram category.

Michael had a good rhythm starting with the first punch in the center of the ring. The Thai athlete tried to take advantage of his extra 8 centimeters to keep his opponent away, but Michael worked very well with pressing actions, returning blows punctually, and throwing various different combinations.

His energy remained high for all six rounds and the final verdict decided that Micheal was the winner. His record is now 2-0-1 and we are preparing for his next fight inĀ December!

Western Boxing fight for Mike Kombat Group

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