Here at Kombat Group, we are excited to be the first gym in Thailand to offer the latest system in fitness technology—Slim Belly*! Like we always say, there are no magic pills for weight loss. However, you can use Slim Belly to safely and effectively maximize your weight loss efforts here at the camp.

So what is Slim Belly?

It’s a wearable tool used during exercise to boost exercise effectiveness, among other benefits. In technical terms, Slim Belly is an Airpressure Bodyforming system that improves your fat burning by increasing blood circulation to targeted areas with the use of alternating air pressure. Improving blood flow to problem areas such as the stomach allows you to burn through multiple layers of fat while exercising. Aside from helping you lose more inches, Slim Belly can also improve your skin tone, tighten skin, and visibly reduce stretch marks.

How can you use Slim Belly at Kombat Group?

The Slim Belly system can be added into your weight loss program to be used up to three times each week alone or during personal training sessions that combine cardio and strength training. Your use of Slim Belly will be monitored by a professional to ensure that you effectively and safely get the best results.

So try Slim Belly at Kombat Group. You have nothing to lose…but inches!

New weight loss technology

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*Update on 2023: SlimBelly is no longer available.