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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial art which favours skill over size – therefore it's suitable for anyone regardless of age and sex.

Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu is a modern martial art born in the 20s of the last century by the Japanese master Mitsuyo Maeda. He transmitted to the brothers Helio and Carlos Gracie the foundations of the fight on the ground and thanks to them a martial art is developed that is free from the strict rules of Japanese Ju Jitsu. The basic concept of the BJJ is that a smaller and weaker person can defend himself against a stronger and stronger assailant by bringing the crash to the ground, where he or she "finalize" the opponent with strangling techniques and articular levers.

The BJJ is one of the most complete forms of self-defense as well as being a complete sport from an athletic point of view: strength, endurance, joint mobility and balance are the objectives of every training session. At a sports level, it is considered indispensable for MMA athletes (Mixed martial arts).

What makes Kombat BJJ Academy different?

At Kombat Group you can join the Kombat Jiu-Jitsu Academy to train with athletes from all over the world or approach the fascinating martial art for the first time without fear.

Kombat Jiu-Jitsu Academy is truly for everyone:

Do you wear Gi for the first time? You will find instructors that will guide you step by step in the movements and learning of the techniques.

Are you already a practitioner? You can have fun and expand your technical baggage: we held seminars throughout the year with masters of the best academies who will transmit you not only their methodologies and techniques but also the energy and the values that make this martial art the most loved.

Daily training sessions both with Gi (Kimono) and without (NoGi) are included in the camp training schedule so that other classes can also be combined daily.

... Jiu-Jitsu means respect for oneself and others
... Jiu-Jitsu means hard and constant training
... Jiu-Jitsu is a brotherhood
... Jiu-Jitsu is also a lot of fun

BJJ training classes for everyone

BJJ is widely recommended by physicians, psychologists and educators as the teaching methodology allow realistic and safe training for everyone. BJJ is considered by some experts to be the most complete of all martial arts. Its aim is to promote self-defence without the actual practice of violence.

BJJ cultivates personal growth by strengthening the positive and intellectual qualities of the practitioner. At its core, BJJ is a defence system that requires the use of intelligence. It is an extremely healthy sport that increases endurance, flexibility, and coordination; it also releases stress and, above all, is a lot of fun.

See for yourself!

bjj for beginners

BJJ For Beginners

You can train with one of the best experts in this discipline and get the most from your training here! Learning BJJ techniques that will give you a very strong base.

bjj for fighters

BJJ For Fighters

Classes are separated based on skill level and the professor will teach as per your current level. Try our rolling sessions held twice a day on a daily basis!

bjj for women

BJJ For Women

Learning what your body can do without the use of power is incredibly beneficial to boost your confidence. Believe us, you will fall in love with this fantastic art.

bjj over 50 years old

BJJ over 50

Jiu Jitsu is the safest sport! Not only can you train over 50, but there is a dedicated category in the tournaments if you want to compete!

bjj for weight loss

BJJ For Weight Loss

By burning a lot of calories and focusing on core area and body strength, BJJ is perfect for those who wish to lose weight!

bjj for self defence

BJJ For Self-Defence

A small body against a big one…This is the secret of Jiu Jitsu as self-defence. All techniques are useful in real situations!

bjj no gi training


Classes are held with the GI but also NO GI to have full immersion in this sport.

bjj for fitness

BJJ For Fitness

Join the BJJ lessons here to build up stamina, strength and mental concentration—all during a fun but professional class!

bjj for holidays

BJJ Holidays

Training, accommodation on site, and restaurant just a few steps from you…this will be your best holiday ever!

See why BJJ is right for you!

What martial art should I learn?

You have so much to gain from learning a martial art! You will increase your confidence and self-control while improving your overall health and fitness. Plus, martial arts teach you to control and defend yourself in tough situations which are critical to avoid injuries. There are many other benefits as well, both physical and mental.

Though this training camp is rooted in Muay Thai instruction and fight preparation, we recognize the value of cross-training in various martial arts to develop well-rounded individuals and skills. Combining BJJ with one or more of the other martial arts we offer (Boxing, MMA, Krav Maga, or Muay Thai) is possible and our facility is well-equipped and large enough to accommodate training in all of these disciplines.

BJJ vs Muay Thai

BJJ is mostly a ground sport and the health benefits of the training include weight loss, muscle gain, increased flexibility, stronger mental focus, stress relief, and so much more. Muay Thai is a stand up martial art that uses punches, kicks, knees, and elbows in various combinations to develop all of the above benefits. Try them both and pick the one that suits you better!

BJJ vs Boxing

Again, the main difference is the level where you fight: on the ground or standing up. Combining both of the disciplines gives you more complete training for your personal growth, as well as for your self-defence techniques and your fighting knowledge.


BJJ is a big part of the MMA preparation. Competing in MMA without knowing Jiu Jitsu techniques will be very dangerous! Here you have the opportunity to train in both of them, learning the small details that you need to be the best!

BJJ vs Krav Maga

Both of them are great as self-defence disciplines. Most of the Krav Maga ground techniques were developed starting from proper Jiu Jitsu movements. Whereas during Krav Maga you will learn how to defend yourself from both armed and unarmed attackers, during BJJ you will learn how to use your body against the attackers, regardless of size!

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BJJ equipment required: GI, belt, rash guard, mouth guard and groin guard.

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