Fighting on Valentine’s Day?

Flowers? Gift cards? Teddy bears? It’s that time of year once again; Valentine’s day is just around the corner! You might be rolling your eyes, but how many of us really know the true meaning of Valentine’s day?

Origin of Valentine’s Day

Originating in 3rd Century Rome, at a time when soldiers were forbidden from marriage, one priest defied the orders of the Emperor and married soldiers in secret; his name was Saint Valentine. He believed love was more important than anything and risked his life for the cause. When he was later found out and jailed for his crimes Valentine still practised a message of love, the legend goes he cured the jailer’s daughter of blindness and left her a final message signed ‘from your valentine’. The day was February 14th. Over 200 years later the day was officially proclaimed Valentine’s day and years later the day is still one renowned for celebrating love!

We at Kombat Group are lovers as well as fighters, so in the spirit of Saint Valentine’s day, we are offering you the perfect gift for both you and your loved one!

Book by the 14th of February 2023 the right program for you and your partner will get a free stay*!

You can choose from a large variety of programs:

Or simply, she/he can enjoy our facility while you’ll be in the gym! Amongst the things she can enjoy, we have a marvellous swimming pool or/and get a Thai massage on-site! 

* The Fighters/Bronze Option is not included in the deal / The free stay for the second person is of the value of the Muay Thai program in a double standard room / The stay can be as long as you want within the 31.12.2023 / Are excluded the high season months: July-August-December-January / If you already have a reservation, you cannot take up this deal.

If you want more information about this promotion, simply fill in the form below:

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