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Camp kitchen and coffee bar

The kitchen is always there to meet your nutritional requirements. Healthy, local produce is served at every meal to support your training needs. The kitchen is also available for that extra coffee, protein shake or snack – as long as it’s healthy! If you have special dietary requirements such as allergies or are vegetarian, please inform us and we will adjust your personalized menu to suit you.

Swimming pool

Relax and recover in the swimming pool. There really is no better way to sooth tired muscles and restore your energy levels in preparation for the next training session.

Playground for the kids

If you’re wondering if Kombat is suitable for children then don’t worry. We have a designated play area for children and a big screen tv for those times when only a movie will do!

Gaming area and library

We have a collection of books that you are free to borrow for those relaxing times around the pool or in the balmy evenings. There is also a gaming area, if you have to!

Training equipment store

We have a fully stocked range of all equipment required for all of the disciplines practiced here at Kombat; from gloves, to wraps, to shorts and rolling shirts. Don’t worry about trying to fit it all into your luggage buy the authentic items when you arrive.

Laundry service and laundromat

We have a full service laundry for your convenience. Just pop your clothes into the basket in your room and 1-2 days later it appears back in your room, fresh, clean and ready to get sweaty again or choose to do it by yourself with our laundromat!

Cleaning room service

As part of your package your room with be thoroughly cleaned every couple of days for your convenience. So you can focus on your training.

Taxi service

We have taxi service from the airport to camp and back.

The cost is:

Airport-Camp 2000 baht
Camp-Airport 1500 baht
Airport-Camp-Airport 3500 baht

The taxi is also available to take you into the city, to surrounding tourist venues or for a tour of the local sights.

A rough guide to prices from Camp to:

Thepprasit market/Outlet mall/Big C - 300 baht
Walking street/Central Festival Mall - 400 baht
North Pattaya - 500 baht

Please note that we can only guarantee prices if you book the taxi through us.

Motorbike rental

Kombat Group has a relationship with a motorcycle rental shop in Pattaya and we can guarantee that you will not be scammed if you choose to use them. They will deliver and collect the bike from camp to save you time and hassle. You will receive a copy of the rental contract in English so there are no misunderstandings.

Bicycles for rent 

At Kombat Group we have 4 bicycles available for the customers for rent.

Photo album

To preserve the memories of your time at Kombat Group and to record the skills you’ve learned and physique you’ve gained book a session with our professional photographer. Just let us know when!

Weight-loss on-line support group

It’s very easy to lose focus as soon as you leave the confines of the camp and the disciplined approach you have developed towards food and exercise can evaporate. In order to help you maintain those new habits that you have formed here at Kombat Group feel free to email us at any time for advice and support. We are here to ensure you reach your goal on your weight loss journey!

Find us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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