Christian Daghio defends his WKL Title

On June 10, 2017 Christian will defend his Muay Thai WKL World title, which he had won last year against David Novak. Now Christian is brining you a new exciting event and this challenge will take place at the President Restaurant in Massa Finalese (MO).

A year after the victory of his 6th World Title in Muay Thai, Christian Daghio comes back this year to tackle Arthur Zientalak in a match of 5 rounds, 3 minute each.

After his last victory, Christian devoted himself to working on his boxing career but never forgot his first passion: Muay Thai. It was this sport which initially led him to move to Thailand and to become a respected champion in it. Eventually Muay Thai simply became a true lifestyle for Christian.

Christian follows a rigid training protocol, along with Pu, his Thai Muay Thais coach, Joel, his Filipino boxing coach and Christian’s athletic trainers: his business partner and Tacfit expert Cristiano and his brother Fabrizio, who follows him with endurance and great passion all the way from Italy.

This year’s big novelty is the introduction of precise Tacfit training schemes aimed at enhancing clinch techniques and other qualities required for a Muay Thai fighter to excel in this sport.

In the week following the match, Christian and Cristiano will have a series of workshops in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein: the themes of these workshops will be “Clinch Techniques & Specific Functional Training”.

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