Learn Muay Thai Where It Was Born Do you want to train Muay Thai in Thailand? The ancient combat sport of Muay Thai was originally developed by Thai soldiers in the 16th century during a time when Thailand (then called Siam) was at war with its neighbouring countries. Muay Thai uses the whole body as a weapon and a shield. The fierce fighting style is thought to have been used by soldiers and also by locals protecting their lands. Long before it was a sport, Muay Thai was an important survival tool.

In ancient times, Kings trained in Muay Thai. When Thailand found peace, Muay Thai survived through military training and entertainment.

Train where Muay Thai was born

Quality of Training to Push Yourself

The main reason to travel to Thailand is to train in the sport you love. The experience of training in the motherland of Muay Thai is like nothing else. At Kombat Group you’ll find experienced trainers with more than 70 years of fighting experience between them. The trainers will help you improve in all aspects, the training is varied to work on all skills – not just punching but footwork, strength, technique, stamina, coordination, etc. Muay Thai is their passion and they will help you become the best fighter you can be.
You’ll have training twice a day for 5 days a week, with only one session on Saturday. This does not include any additional private sessions that will be catered to your particular skill level. Each day they will challenge you to be better, but also ensure that training is enjoyable enough to put a smile on your face as you push yourself to the limit.
The amount of training you do will take your technique and fitness to another level in a relatively short period of time.

Train with experienced trainers

Learn the Virtues of Respect in Thai Culture

Muay Thai is traditionally passed down from a master to a trainee. Fighters have a deep respect for their seniors. Trainers help to develop fighting skills, mental strength, and self-belief. They pass on dedication, commitment, and passion. Masters bless students for safety, success, and to fight well. Fighters honour trainers with a Wai Kru ritual before every fight.
Being respectful means that you value and care about other people’s feelings. Respect goes both ways and if you train with a Thai instructor, you will observe that they are usually friendly and approachable. That is until you cross the line of friendship into disrespectful territories, you might get put in your place.
Respect not only your trainers, your peers but also the administrative staff and the cleaners. In short, respect everyone. Thai people are very respectful and have a lot of traditional etiquette about respect. Use the wait greeting, have good manners, be polite, considerate, and pay attention and follow the instructions of your trainers. All of these actions are the base of Thai culture when training Muay Thai and will go a long way towards enhancing your whole training experience.

Experience the Spirituality of Muay Thai

As with most martial arts, there is a spiritual, meditative aspect to the discipline. Religion is strongly woven into day-to-day Thai life and also tightly incorporated into Muay Thai culture. The headpiece (mongkorn), armband (prajioud), and shorts all have cultural and spiritual significance. Traditionally, these are blessed to provide luck and protection.
Thailand is a Buddhist country, with many strong traditions and spiritual beliefs. Muay Thai fights begin with the Wai Khru Ram Muay, a traditional warm-up dance where boxers invite a divine force to protect them while bolstering their power and strength. The Ram Muay also allows the fighter to demonstrate respect for their trainer and hint at their prowess in the ring. All of this can only be achieved if the fighter maintains deep concentration, relinquishing the physical body, and ‘dancing’ as if in a meditative state. All students of Muay Thai are encouraged to work towards this state of being and develop it through their daily training and sparring. Monks often became Muay Thai masters, passing on fighting techniques and religious teachings together.

You’ll Enjoy the Weather & Beaches

Hate cold weather? Great! Thailand doesn’t do cold. In fact, the only cold things you’ll find in Thailand are the air conditioning, water from the fridge, and wonderfully refreshing coconut ice cream.
Here the sun is shining every day from November to May before the rainy season. So when you’re not training you can enjoy the surrounding beaches with a nice fresh juice in hand. If you love the heat, getting a nice tan, and sweating while you train you will feel right at home in Thailand. Just be sure to drink water!
And the great thing about if it’s too hot and the sun is beating down on you, you can go lay on the gorgeous beaches all around the country of Thailand.

Superior Focus – Say No to Partying

If you like to party and have fun, one of the hardest things you’ll have to avoid is the nightlife. Some of the most popular and best Muay Thai training camps are in places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. But the fighter’s life is one of avoiding temptation, and it is well respected. After only once being hungover during a gruelling training session, you’ll never want to do it again. You’ll have the self-control to only want to have a fresh juice instead of a sweet cocktail, or a few beers. This newfound discipline outside the gym will lead to a better performance in training and in the ring.

Training Muay Thai in Thailand is an epic experience regardless of your skill level, especially if it’s your first time visiting the country. The Thai people are warm, their culture is rich and their country is beautiful.

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