It was 12 o´clock pm when I arrived at the camp. Barbara was the first person I had seen in the camp, she received me in a very friendly way.

It took a load off my mind because it was the first time that I travelled alone in such a big country far away from my home! She gave me my key to my room, and she also helped me to bring my package upstairs. She explained to me the daily routine and said good night!

The next day early in the morning, I stood up and did my training.

After the training, I thought I was about to die. It was hard to train in a very different way to Austria and additionally at these temperatures. The trainers were all very friendly, and they helped me to bind the bandages on my hands. But the best in this camp was, that you not only train hard, but you also have a lot of fun. The trainers always made jokes and because of that the training was always fun. After a few weeks, you recognise that the training bearing its first fruit. You noticed that you get more and more power and stamina.

It was a very positive experience for me. After a few weeks, I learned in the camp more than in one year in Austria. It was amazing.

Regine training in Muay Thai

After a time, I wanted to fight, and Christian organised it for me. He was also with me at the fight and supported me so that I could win. I won!

Christian and his family are wonderful, you got the feeling that they want, that you feel fine in the camp, and that was a very important experience for me. One day I got problems with my back, and Christian and his wife drove me to the hospital.

Thanks a lot for this!! Christian is a very impressive man, and he always has the right words for different situations. Before I fought, I was down, and I thought I couldn’t manage this emotional and hard time, but he said to me:

“You going through hell, for a few minutes of heaven!”

I will never forget these words and I now always think about it when I think I can´t be done something! I learned something in my life. Thank you!

Muay Thai training for Regine

The way of life besides the training was a very familiar time! Ana and Sergej are also very friendly and nice people, who always help you if you need something! You got to know people who came from all over the world. You could enjoy your free time with a lot of different people. I improved my English speaking, and I got to know people who became friends. It was a very great time!

Before I came to the camp, my life was a bit chaotic and difficult, I smoked a lot of cigarettes and drank a lot of alcohol, but the camp and the people in the camp showed me that there are more important things in life than parties. I learned how to handle my life in a different and healthy way.

I want to say thank you for the best and most important time in my life. You are all great and wonderful people.

Thank you!!!!


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