You Deserve an Amazing Holiday


Going outside the country may be difficult at this time but you definitely deserve an amazing holiday! 

You have now the chance to take a different sort of vacation to put the Covid-19 mess behind you. 

Restart, refocus and return home a better version of yourself right here, at a few kilometres far from home!

Take advantage of this time

Our goal at Kombat Group has always been to provide the necessary tools and appropriate atmosphere for people to leave feeling accomplished and prepared. Whether it’s improving your boxing, losing weight or relaxing your mind, we are here to serve your goals.

More than highly specialized coaching from accomplished martial artists and boxing champions, great food and clean facilities, Kombat Group is a positive, family-like atmosphere dedicated to one’s progress.

Before the country opens back up completely, and we will get as busy as usual, take this time to take care of yourself. Get back in shape, improve your skills and set a good foundation for your life moving forward. And enjoy the quiet of a 5,000 square meter resort all for you!

Kombat Group Thailand is a martial arts and fitness resort with the best reviews on the web for those looking to relax, learn and improve themselves.

An environment free of distractions

All goals require some work, but we can simplify the process. Wake up to a healthy breakfast, walk a few meters to the gym, receive high-class training then cool down by the pool sunbathing, reading a book or chatting with the other guests. Kombat Group is located outside of the city of Pattaya in a rural, peaceful area but still easy to travel to.

More importantly, return home a better version of yourself with the skills, tools and necessary attitude for lasting change. Our programs have no minimum or maximum duration and can be tailored to your goals.

Kombat Group is not for you if:

  • Your idea of the perfect holiday is laying all day on the beach drinking beer.
  • You don't want to have a regular routine.
  • Having sports habit and healthy eating habits is not of your interest.

Kombat Group is the perfect fit for you if:

  • You are looking to focus solely on your goals.
  • You want to get the best training routine ever with a Boxing champion as a coach.
  • You want to live in a high-class facility: rooms with garden/ pool view, air conditioning, private patio, daily cleaning service and various amenities.

We've created just for you the perfect package that combines the benefit of a scheduled training with the relaxation of having all done for you. A customer care manager who lives onsite; cooks, cleaning & laundry ladies and gardener who will keep the resort and your room perfect all the time; a Boxing trainer who will push you to reach your next level of fitness and abilities.

Wake up and have a nutritious breakfast before starting your Boxing training in a boot camp style at 09:00. Then you will have all the time to relax and have lunch before your afternoon training that lasts two hours, from 17:00 until 19:00. In total, you will train for three hours a day! Improvement is inevitable!

Included in your package you will have:

  • Single Standard Room* with a/c and ensuite bathroom;
  • Two training session a day, Monday to Friday, and one on Saturday;
  • Daily healthy breakfast;
  • Free Wi-Fi in all the area of the resort.
*upgrade to a Single Deluxe is possible according to availability

And as a bonus:

  • Gym open 24 hours for your individual training.
  • Periodic analysis of your body composition to track your progress with our InBody270.
  • A 30-minute private lesson with our Boxing Champ;
  • Free Kombat T-shirt;
  • A fruit/vegetable slow juice;
  • A protein shake;
  • Swimming pool available 24 hours.
with prices starting at 14,600 Baht per week.

The booking process is simple:

  1. Send us an email indicating your timeframe;
  2. After our confirmation, send us a 5,000 baht reservation with PayPal or Bank transfer;
  3. Read our guide on What to bring at Kombat?
  4. Get ready to travel to Huai Yai and have the best holiday you ever had!


I spent 4 weeks at Kombat Group doing the boxing program, the training was to a great standard and catered to all boxing abilities.

The accommodation and facilities were also fantastic.

As well as all the welcoming staff and fellow camp mates, I would highly recommend Kombat Group to anyone who was thinking about going!

I will definitely be back again!

~ Santiago, USA ~

I recently spent a month at Kombat Group.

I can only reemphasize what has been said about this place by countless others- The Staff, the facilities, the privacy and isolation all allowed me to focus intently on my goals of improving my stamina, my strength and most of all my discipline and determination to achieve not only a physical but a spiritual and emotional transformation.

The camp draws a client base from all over the world and to train so hard every day, and share the experience with people from such diverse backgrounds all with their own goals, was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

I look forward to carving out another month next year to return.

~ Jeffrey, USA ~

My Sister & I had an amazing time and experience at Kombat.

All the trainers that they have are excellent. We stayed in their deluxe room and it was very nice & clean with a pool view. It's like being on holiday at the same time - the staff are very nice - the food is healthy and delicious.

I would like to compliment Joel (Boxing trainer) and Tee (Muay Thai trainer): they are fantastic trainers. We can't think of a coach more motivating, patient, and funny. Joel made our training interesting and fun even though it was very hard and he kept pushing us to our absolute limits.

Will definitely come back here!!

~ Mary, Philippines ~

Not one to usually write reviews, however, the truly great experience at Kombat Group compelled me to do so. A friends recommendation is how I found Kombat Group.

I'm a complete beginner for western boxing. I was made to feel very welcome by all the friendly staff and in just 9 days made some great improvements to fitness and learnt an array of techniques for boxing.

Very pleased I choose Kombat Group, I hope to visit again and will recommend without hesitation!

~ Louis, UK ~

Kombat Group is a delight for anyone who wants to improve their martial arts and/or fitness.

What a truly awesome fight camp! The trainers and staff are experienced and friendly, and the facilities and amenities are great. I can't speak enough of the lovely culture and community here, and cannot wait to be back, and for longer next time, too.

I can see why my missus recommends this place and loves it so much!

~ Josh, Singapore ~

Video Testimonials

If the ones listed here are not convincing enough, you can visit our TripAdvisor Review Page, Facebook Review Page or Google Review Page.  And do not forget our playlist on Youtube

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