First of all why? After years of training my brother mature the desire to become an instructor. One evening I asked: why not try to do the exam in the homeland of this fascinating discipline? Okay, but where exactly?

Recommended by a friend teacher who lives in the Marche region exited out the name KOMBAT GROUP ? We tried to organize ourselves and slowly took shape everything.

Enthusiasts of the idea, joined us also our teacher and another student. Upon our arrival on Sunday morning even though we were exhausted we were not in the skin, and we decided to change us quickly and try the bags (without knowing really what we expected in the following days :)).

The next day began the experience that we had dreamed so much, to train with the Thai masters, who with their unique way of doing and their sympathy have made us less “stressful” the hard training that day by day was becoming harder to bear, not being used to train for all those hours, but we never gave up, we came with that goal!

Every day, then, the two would be instructors, had lessons with the Kru Kaiyuth, who with great patience and dedication has teached in a few hours many basic fundamentals of Muay Thai, including several terms from having to store in their mother tongue. From there almost every night we spent the time to go over and try to memorize the terms that initially seemed so difficult to pronounce but in the end we did ours and we are teaching here in Italy to other students during our course.

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Saturday morning for the examination we went to Bangkok, to welcome us, a charismatic Suphan and three other guys who have worked with him all the time.

Examination would say went fine, receiving compliments both boys our Kru Kaiyuth. Sunday finally a little relaxation at Koh Larn island, beautiful place where you can have fun, sunbathe and eat good food. Then also passed on Monday, the last day of training, a bit of melancholy and again the taxi to Bangkok to catch the flight back to Italy.

A unique experience, so intense and full of different emotions that we did not weigh that much about the fair distance from the center of Pattaya, a place where you rest well without the help of conditioner. What I will never forget is that, even if for only eight days, I could live every day by training like a real athlete.

Perfect rooms, impeccable cleanliness, even the food on which we were a bit skeptical, was above our expectations. Thanks for everything and who knows maybe we will return.

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