Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity

Stay connected and productive in our comfortable workspaces equipped with a desk, office chair, and high-speed Wi-Fi, which extends throughout the entire resort.

Three Daily Meals Included

Indulge in the convenience of having three freshly prepared, healthy meals served to you every day of the week. Fuel your body and enhance your focus.

Housekeeping Services

Relax and leave the cleaning to us. Our dedicated staff will take care of cleaning your room twice a week, and we also offer optional laundry services.

Invigorating Group Workouts

Stay active with our invigorating group training sessions held twice a day. Choose between Western Boxing or Muay Thai and get ready to break a sweat.


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Join us in immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and serene beauty of a Southeast Asian paradise. Our program is specifically designed to help you overcome the challenges that come with the digital nomad lifestyle, allowing you to thrive and find harmony in your professional and personal life.

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90 days package

Single Fighter room

3 Thai meals daily*

4 hours of daily training

1 body composition check