Muay Thai Fighters Offer

Hard Training - on site accomodations (dorm) - delicious thai meals - at least one fight guaranteed each month.

Let your dream come true! Train like a professional in perfect Thai style to achieve your top combat performance thanks to our trainers who will pull the best from within you during two daily training sessions. And with us, you will get the chance to fight in the best Thai and Asian circuit!

4 Weeks Starting at 19,800 Baht


  • Shared dormitory with fan
  • One meal per day, Thai cuisine
  • Two training sessions daily
  • One fight minimum per month



  • Shared dormitory with fan
  • Three meal per day, Thai cuisine
  • Two training sessions daily
  • One fight minimum per month

25,200 Baht for 4 Weeks

For a longer or shorter stay contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our Contact Us page.

What we ask of you:

A fighter’s life requires qualities that not everyone has, first of all being able to respect the camp’s rules:

  • Smoking inside the camp is prohibited
  • Alcohol inside the camp is strictly forbidden
  • Use and possession of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden
  • The bedroom must be kept neat and clean
  • Going out is limited on Saturday night and forbidden in pre-match weeks
  • The equipment used in the gym must be replaced in the correct spot and your own equipment (gloves, hand wraps, etc.) must be taken back to your room
  • Every disagreement (fight) between guests inside the camp is punished with immediate removal without refund

Only 6 spots are available. Not included: flight, taxi and use of the camp facilities, like the swimming pool (upgrade available).

Note: for payment with Credit Card or Paypal, a 3% commission will be applied.