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Krav Maga Courses

Krav Maga Training in Thailand

Techniques are easy to learn and use, and also extremely effective in case of an attack. During the course you will learn the tactics to help you deal with both unarmed and armed attackers.

Our course on Krav Maga, the hand to hand combat system of the Israeli military, allows you to defend and protect yourself from common street attacks using a variety of simple, basic and effective techniques and dirty tricks. People all over the world, men and women, the young and not so young are taking up Krav Maga due to its proven effectiveness as a street self defense method. By coming to Thailand to train in our Krav Maga course here at Kombat Group, we will teach the short, sharp, effective Krav Maga self-protection strategies which will help you to survive and escape violent attacks.

You will learn:

  • Krav Maga strikes both open hand and closed fist strikes to stun any attacker.
  • How you can escape from chokes, grabs and bear hug attacks using Krav Maga.
  • Dirty tricks and nasty strikes to disable any potential attacker with severe pain, allowing you a rapid escape to safety.
  • What to do if a mugger or thug holds you up using a knife or edged weapon. Better yet, we will show you how to disarm the attacker and put him out of business…fast!
  • Violent knife crime is on the rise according global police data. Therefore it is necessary for you to learn how to protect yourself from and survive a stabbing knife attack. You will be in the right place, as we will show you how to do this using the very same techniques as taught to military and police units.
  • Get attacked with a baton, stick or a baseball bat? No Problem! When you to come learn Krav Maga here in Thailand, we will show you one simple, proven technique to deal with a baseball bat type attack.
  • How to disarm a gun threat and hold up with special gun disarm methods as shown to Israeli special force units.

If You Cannot Hit to Hurt, Then You Will Get Killed!

Krav Maga is a strike based system, the ability to effectively strike, punch, elbow, knee and kick is crucial to your Krav Maga training. If you do not have the skills, speed or power to stun and knock down your attacker, then your Krav Maga training will be less effective!

At Kombat Group Thailand, we take this seriously, and we are committed to giving you the necessary striking skills to hit with power. As part of our Krav Maga programme, you will practice two striking training sessions daily as part of our Muay Thai class with your instructors and boxing coaches.

In our striking class you will learn:

  • How to punch properly, fast and hard with knock out power.
  • How and where to elbow, with slashing power to cut and stun your attacker.
  • How to knee with power and skills. You will have the power to drop any attacker with smashing knees to the groin.
  • Learn how to put leg breaking power into your kicks!
  • Drop any attacker with devastating combinations of strikes, hitting them before they hit you!

We will show you how to protect yourself over a short period of time using basic Krav Maga methods.

There will be two parts to your Krav Maga programme here at Kombat Group.
The first part is where you learn the actual Krav Maga techniques. You will complete 4 hours of weekly training with Krav Maga Instructor Gerry Nolan where you will learn the Krav Maga defences for both unarmed and armed attacks. This will take place over two one hour lessons during the week, and a dynamic, fast paced two hour Krav Maga lesson on Saturday mornings.

The second part of our Krav Maga programme is where you will learn, practice and train how to hit and strike properly, using correct striking techniques, speed and power. You will complete two striking classes daily with our striking coaches which are integrated into our Muay Thai and Western Boxing training sessions.

Our Krav Maga training programme is open to everyone, and we specialize in teaching beginners basic Krav Maga skills which can be learned quickly and used effectively on the street.

Instructor Gerry Nolan has been training and teaching Krav Maga since 2001. Gerry has trained and certified as an instructor with three different Krav Maga organizations over the years. Presently, he is trained by and associated with world famous Krav Maga expert Itay Gil in Protect Krav Maga. Gerry has been training in martial arts since 1984 with his main interest focused on applying his training to practical self defence.

Equipment required: Muay Thai/Boxing shorts, t-shirt, mouth guard and groin guard.

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