Why should your child come to Kombat Group and learn Brazilian JiuJitsu?… Here are our top 4 reasons why he/she should!

Joining our class, your child will:

1. Learn Realistic Self Defence

Our martial arts styles are tailor-made to suit the strength and weight of children. Not only will they learn physical techniques to evade and counter bodily harm, but they will also learn the proper mental awareness to make safe decisions in any situation.

2. Participate in a Fun and Fit Activity

We believe that kids these days need a reason to get off the couch and actually engage in a healthy and stimulating hobby. Jiujutsu is full of games, wrestling, and team efforts that both teach technique and encourage exercise.

3. Make New Friends:

No matter what your child’s age or skill level, by coming to class he or she is bound to make new friends. We promote social interaction, team building skills, and high confidence.

4. Begin a Journey:

Starting a martial art at a young age kick-starts your child into a future of success. It builds confidence, character and integrity, along with helpful self-defence. If they begin at a young age, it catches their interest early on and results in a healthy and useful hobby to practice throughout the years.

Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 16:30 until 17:30

Contact us for more details and find our location here!