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Pattaya Kombat Village is a training camp of Muay Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, BJJ and Personal Defense, located in Pattaya - Thailand (150 km from Bangkok), on the right side of the wonderful Siam Gulf.
All our courses are subdivided in three levels:

  • Advanced (for professionals)
  • Intermediate (for those who practiced without being professionals)
  • Base (for the beginners and everyone who wants to join our disciplines for the first time)

At the end of each course is issued a Certificate of Attendance.

Beginners are Welcome in all our Courses

English girl MMA training
Read about the  experience of  Michelle at  Kombat Village
Australian girl pads training.
Danish girl training western boxing.
Self Defense - Course for Women only
Australian girl Wai Khru.
Muay Thai training for Woman.
We train also Children.
Australian girls fat loss program.

Our strength: An All-In-One Camp where, at the same time, you can train Muay Thai, MMA, Western Boxing, Russian Free Style Wrestling, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Krav Maga and Functional Training.

All of these styles together with the support of Expert Dieticians in our facility makes us unique in the world among the Fat Loss Camps and the Best Fight Club in the World.

You get all this in a wonderful touristic area, with sea, sun, palms and white beaches.

Our comprehensive package of services makes our Muay Thai Boxing Camp on a class of its own around the world. In other words, at Pattaya Kombat Village you will find the ideal environment to best develop combat sports techniques.

Famous Fighters at Pattaya Kombat

Ramon Dekker and Christian Daghio Thailand
Christian and Zabit Zamedov K1 Champion
Itay Gil the Best Krav Maga Instructor in the World, Seminar at Pattaya Kombat.
Alistair Overeem MMA Stage at Pattaya Kombat - Click here.
UFC-Champions John "Doomsday" Howard and John Clarke training at Pattaya Kombat
Bjj Black Belt WC Mondial WC Abu Dhabi Jon Olav Einemo Training at Pattaya Kombat.
Christian training with the UFC Champion Alessio Sakara
Bob Sapp hire Christian Daghio as “Personal Trainer”. - Click here.
Jerome Le Banner K-1 Gran Prix World Champion at Pattaya Kombat.

Pattaya Kombat is a modern Camp for combat sports built with the same concept of the traditional Muay Thai Boxing Camps.

Pattaya Kombat is equipped with 3 boxing rings, a MMA Cage, punching bag area, a modern gym for fitness and functional training, restaurant and bar for our host's free time, and comfortable rooms to accommodate athletes arriving from every part of the world.

The courses are open to men, women and kids (min 8 y.o.).

Training is personally followed by an experienced staff. Our Fighting School is structured to improve the beginner as well as the more experienced professional athlete.

We are able to accommodate more than 50 people at the same time, our accommodations are divided into single, double or shared with a maximum of 4 people.

Our rooms

Rooms of Huai Yai Kombat.
Apartment near the beach.
Rooms of Huai Yai Kombat.
Apartment near the beach.
Rooms of Huai Yai Kombat.
Apartment near the beach.

Experienced dieticians will be at your disposal to help you find the best diet to follow, in order to reach the best physical form that will also optimize the energy you will need for training.

Fitness gym even for ladies
Girls training BJJ at Pattaya Kombat.
Christian Daghio Muay Thai Champion
Spanish Muay Thai Figthers.
French kids BJJ training.
Muay Thai Training for Kids.
Christian Daghio, Thailand Champion 2008
Fat Loss Program Camp.
Muay Thai Champion of Thailand

The founder of this camp is Christian Daghio currently a professional athlete in Thailand, here his Curriculum.

Christian will be present in every training session for the better learning of the Muay Thai boxing, explaining every technique that our Thai instructors will teach you.

KO by knees, Fairtex Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya
Sparring MMA Pattaya Kombat Thailand.
MMA Fight Thailand Pattaya Combat.
BJJ Training Thailand Pattaya Kombat.
Sparring MMA Pattaya Kombat Thailand.
Christian wins with ko with a spectacular knee action on face of his opponent in the Windy Stadium, Thailand

MMA, Submission, Vale Tudo and BJJ fighters

Many of our students are MMA fighters (Mixed Martial Arts) and BJJ fighters (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

MMA and BJJ students come to Thailand to train in effective stand up techniques with our experienced Thai fighters (Muay Thai clinching).

We also often organize MMA stages with champions as Alistair Overeem.

This gives the MMA fighter the opportunity to train in all aspects of his sport under expert instruction and under one roof.

Grappling & Clinching is a big part of Muay Thai, MMA and BJJ fighters will learn a lot of new tricks to add to their stand up fighting & grappling skills (Grappling in Muay Thai is called Muay Palm).

Read more about MMA ...

Read more about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ...

We can train boxers to fight in Lumpini or Rajadmnern!

Can you get this professional training at any other Muay Thai Camp?

Muay Thai combat

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Organize a Seminar in Your Gym with World Champion Christian Daghio.