Lose Weight With Boxing

Have you ever thought you could lose weight by practising the noble art of Boxing?

Here at Kombat Group, we have developed a special Boxing course to help you lose weight safely. And losing weight with Boxing will get you results that are nothing short of amazing!

The Benefit of Boxing Training

Boxing respects all the typical characteristics of the anaerobic training, favouring muscle strengthening and stimulating the cardiovascular system.
Furthermore, it is a high-intensity training, but it includes adequate rest periods so as to avoid injury altogether and allow the muscles to recover.
Another great feature: it is a workout that involves the whole body while paying particular attention to the abdominal area.

How Your Lesson Will Be

You start by learning the basic techniques of boxing, improving your cardiac strength and muscle power. All according to an interval training: 3 minutes of work followed by a 1-minute break. Needless to say, how beneficial a workout of this type is to get rid of excess kilos!
We have evolved our course to the point of making it as effective as possible. Warm up, shadow boxing, bag work, work on the mitts with your coach and small partner play sessions will make every minute spent in the gym fun and interesting!

What Makes Our Course Different From Others

With years of experience behind us in the Weight Loss industry, we have come to create specific training sessions for those who want to shed pounds. For example, you won’t participate in the most advanced sparring sessions, but you can enjoy the show from the ringside and learn something from our champions!
Our coaches are able to immediately understand your fitness level and push you every day that little bit more to make you express your potential.

Our Secret to Help You Lose Body Fat

Do you want to find out what the secret of our weight loss center is? A combination of different martial arts, fair and balanced nutrition and lots of relaxation! Our program works best if Muay Thai and Functional Training are combined with Boxing.

And you will discover that not only is losing weight with Boxing possible, but it is also easy, fun and safe!


“There is so much knowledge and advice and the instructors help you to push yourself beyond what you think you can achieve. If I can do it at my age with arthritis in my knee then I’m sure you can do it too.”
Read Wayne’s full testimonial here


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