Johan (Sweden) – Weight Loss Program

3 stones or almost 20 kilos in 6 weeks speaks for itself.

I was feeling that I was getting soft by the western way of life with too much work, food, drink and stress after almost fifteen years in London and the fighter in me was slipping away.

To get back my edge I was thinking about Thai boxing and to combine it with the lovely hot weather in Thailand, there were so many clubs online trying to compete with being the nicest, best beach, yoga and bla bla bla and then found Kombat Group – Fight Club being the complete opposite and the only place combining Thai Boxing, MMA and Krav Maga which together is what makes you a complete fighter prepared to be strong and defend whats yours and the ones you love.

If you will go to Kombat Group you will be guided step by step by the owner and World Champion Christian who makes sure to motivate you, push when needed and create a diet that suits your body to get best possible result but by end of the day you need to do all the work yourself and its tough, very tough but you will get result like at no other place so if you want a holiday pick a nice camp by the beach, if you want result and turn your life around go to Kombat Group.

3 stones or almost 20 kg in 6 weeks speaks for itself.

A special Thanks to the Thaibox trainer Rock who is the best technical teacher and Gerry Nolan the Krav Maga trainer who is a true source of inspiration and loved by all students so make sure to include Krav Maga in your time at Kombat Group!


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