Unsere Gäste sprechen über ihre Erfahrungen in der Kombat Group.

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Hi, my name is Mary and I come from Australia.

I came to Kombat Group to just kind of tone and get back into shape, and it completely exceeded all of my expectations.

I know nothing about boxing and everyone was really accommodating.

The coaches were first class, they were all very patient and the people here are very lovely, and it's got a beautiful atmosphere.

So I recommend it to anyone, even beginners, even girls, anyone.

Melissas hartes Training hat gefruchtet!

3 minutes

Kombat Group is the Bomb 💣 😁

The second year in a row!… Last year I didn't think there was anything more that I could experience and then this year 🤯 just blew my mind!

The people, I thought… no, last year the group was amazing, I met so many nice people and they're like family 👪 I'll never have the same experience again, and then I come back and it's double 🤩 and everyone is still family and I'm going to keep coming back every year, every year.

I didn't think it would be that easy to come on my own… I ❤️ the support, I ❤️ that they're behind you all the way and nothing is stupid or impossible. It's just made me a stronger person, in every way 💪

For someone who is hesitant to come, no… don't be. Just come have the experience, you will not regret it I promise, no way.

Fantastische Verwandlung für Emma: -20 kg!

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-30 kg in 8 Wochen!!! Isaac hat hart für dieses erstaunliche Ergebnis gearbeitet.

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Annikas erste Erfahrung bei Kombat.

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Annikas zweiter Aufenthalt bei uns.

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“Bei weitem das beste Camp in dem ich je trainiert habe…”

3 minutes

"Probiere es einfach!"

3 minutes

Wayne ist glücklich mit dem Ergebnis.

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Großartiges Training mit Kollegen beim Firmenausflug!

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2 fantastische Wochen mit Boxen.

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Gina hatte genauso viel Spaß beim zweiten Mal.

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Der zweite Aufenthalt für dieses sympathische Paar.

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Farahs erster von (bislang) 4 Aufenthalten

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Muay Thai Erfahrungen

Andrea Altomani trainiert für eine Karriere als Profi.

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10 Tage für Dannys erste Muay Thai Erfahrung

1 minute

Italian Andrea Zanardi prepared for his fight at Max Muay Thai stadium.

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Kevin empfiehlt Kombat Group für Muay Thai Schüler jedes Levels.

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Eine von Alexandras “besten Erfahrungen im Leben”.

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Chris hat ein neues Level erreicht.

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Simon hat seinen Monat hier sehr genossen.

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