Kombat Yoga Flow

Die vielen Vorteile von Yoga machen es zu einer perfekten Ergänzung zu jedem Trainingsprogramm.

A regular Yoga practice is good for body, mind and spirit. At Kombat, we use various forms to further support your fitness journey

The practice of Yoga makes the body strong and flexible by focusing on structural alignment and stability. It also improves the functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and immune systems. The continued practice of Yoga will lead to a sense of peace and well-being, and also to a feeling of being at one with the environment. Yoga also brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind.

For these reasons Yoga is perfect for all people–those who want to lose weight as well as fighters.

Yoga and Weight-Loss

Yoga is fun and it helps you to lose weight sustainably. The benefits of Yoga on your body and physique are incredible. The constant practice of Asanas (Yoga postures) tone and firm the figure while detoxifying the body at the same time. The deep, conscious breathing in Yoga as well as all the positions and the sequences train, tighten and define your muscles. Fat burning and the reduction of stress occur simultaneously during Yoga, and weight loss is only possible with the reduction of stress. When you practice Yoga it increases your awareness, attention, and consciousness of your own body so you develop a healthier diet and lifestyle.

trains your entire body while you also learn to be more aware and relaxed about yourself and your surroundings

  • supports you in developing a more healthful lifestyle
  • cultivates a more intensive and positive self-image and sense of life
  • increases self-acceptance and well-being.

Yoga for Fighters

Yoga helps fighters invigorate their mind and body through core work, balance, efficient breathing and circulation. It is an extremely good activity to compensate for the effort expended in Boxing and in many other fitness practices that require speed and strength. Yoga improves the strength of tendons and increases flexibility to avoid injury with a variety of positions (Asanas) and sequences that mobilize, strengthen, and increase the flexibility of the muscular system from head to toe. In addition, Yoga reduces muscle soreness while increasing overall strength.

Mixed Martial Arts training routines are increasingly incorporating Yoga for fighters. In a competition, Yoga helps you to be mentally superior to your opponent because it improves concentration and presence of mind while toning the body. In any kind of fight it is necessary to stay calm and in control, to focus, to train hard, and to stay disciplined. Coordination, physical awareness and inner as well as outer balance are all skills a fighter has to possess– and these are the exact benefits you get from practicing Yoga.