Christian Daghio Wins at Boxing World Stadium

On December 27th 2017, during the annual Sitpholek Fight Night for charity at the Pattaya Boxing World Stadium, Christian Daghio competed in a boxing match and took home a new victory.

This is boxing match number 31 and also victory number 31—both on a growing list of boxing accomplishments for Christian who seems to not know defeat in the noble art.

The match on the card was not so obvious, and the opponent began the first round with a technique that immediately put our champion at a disadvantage: the Thai fighter, knowing the danger of being in short distance of Christian, led the match by striking and then running away. It is certainly not a devastating tactic, but it still increases the score in favor of the Thai and removes Christian’s opportunity “to put him in trouble” with his sharp and powerful strikes at close range.

The Italian Daghio seemed to have great difficulty with the Thai opponent who continuously escaped from being in short distance. Christian’s corner wisely suggested that he change tactics and only hit the body, which immediately yielded good results. The Thai fighter seemed to get tired and was slow to escape from Christian’s reach. From this moment on Daghio closed in on his opponent and, with a series of short shots to the body and the head, sent his opponent several times near the knockout.

The match ended by points with the victory of Christian Daghio, who regrets not being able to knock out his opponent.


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