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Success Stories


Kombat Group Success Stories

Whether you're focused on dropping kilos or gaining muscle, mastering your art or learning a new skill, here's proof that you'll leave Kombat Group with a more upbeat & energised approach to life.


Success Stories - GEORGE (UK) - BOXING COURSE

George in the middle of a boxing session at Kombat Group Thailand thumb

Hi, I’m George from England. This is actually my second trip to Kombat Group.

I trained boxing in England for just over a year. I wanted to escape British winter and go to a foreign country to see around a bit to get some training in. I used to train in Muay Thai as well, I trained at various different Muay Thai camps around Thailand.




Muay Thai training at Kombat Group Thailand

Hi, my name is Nina, and I am 25 years old. This year I spent 3 weeks at Kombat Group in Pattaya, Thailand and it was the best time of my life.

I decided to visit Kombat Group in Thailand, as I got a recommendation for it but also because when I sent questions to the camp, I immediately obtained answers over email. Which impressed me and made me look forward to it since the first contact we had.





bjj seminar held at kombat group testimonial Alexander from russia

I've been doing BJJ for about a year in Russia, and I worked out in different BJJ schools with 8 different coaches (blue, purple, brown and black belt).

When you go to a gym to train BJJ, you will usually find a group of athletes that are already more experienced than you, of course, and the coach teaches them more advanced techniques without giving you the time to learn the basic techniques as more experienced athletes have already grasped them.






Hello everyone! My name is James, and I would like to share with you my experience at a magical place in the great Kingdom of Thailand!


Ok, that might be a little dramatic. But in all seriousness, my stay at Kombat Group surpassed every expectation I had before arriving at their front gate on July 5, 2015.


I never imagined that I would be doing something like this, and when I finally got the chance, I was really glad that I took the opportunity. I really hope I can do this again in the very near future. So, without further ado, let me begin my story.





wayne testimonial

Hello I'm Wayne, I'm 48 year old who works in a shipyard in the UK, gained weight over the years through enjoying myself too much and bad habits.


Last couple of years experienced arthritis in my knee which also did not help with my weight loss, managed to lose 18 pound (8.1kg) myself through diet and walking to relieve the pain in my knee but wanted that extra push to lose more.
Did my research on fitness camps and came across Kombat Group which caught my eye and opted for their weight loss program for 28 days.

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mila thumbnail


I had already planned a long vacation in Thailand to improve my spiritual and emotional health, and then I realized that this would be an ideal time to improve my physical health as well. I did an online search for Muay Thai gyms and chose Kombat Group because...





luis australia

Hi, my name is Luis!

I came to Pattaya to get fit and learn some Martial Arts.



Success Stories - YULIA (RUS) - MUAY tHAI COURSE


muay thai testimonial yulia THUMB

Hello, my name is Julia and this is my testimonial for Kombat Group. 

I found out about the Camp in January 2016, when my friend, who is also interested in an active way of life, suggested to go to to a martial arts camp in Thailand. I have been to Thailand many times before, but always just to rest on a vacation. So I thought about this, and then decided that I just have to go and try, especially since I am a fan of martial arts.  I bought the tickets between Moscow and Bangkok and get to the camp. What now? I chose Muay Thai.



Success Stories - Laura (Finland) - WESTERN BOXING COURSE


laura finland western boxing course

I spent one month at Kombat Group in July 2015. I wanted to train Western Boxing only and there just isn't another camp in Thailand that can offer that.


I've stayed at another Muay Thai camp twice before but I wasn't fully happy with my Western Boxing experience there. I wanted to try something different and I got the feeling that Kombat Group really care about what they do instead of just running a business. I wasn't wrong.






I’m Adrian, I have been gaining weight ever since my national service. I'm in the car sales line that I'm often expose to irregular meals and tight schedules and at times I literally do not eat from morning till evening.


I am particularly very hungry from evening onwards and I do have the habit of eating supper. My work is very tiring and when the end of the day, I just want to have a good meal and sit on the couch to watch my favourite TV programs.


Five years ago I was contracted with Thyroid Eye Disease which causes my left eye to protrude and I was given medication to slow down my metabolism and not to do any physical contact sports whereby I am vivid fan of football and basketball. This stops my regular weekly exercise and my weight shot up rapidly. I was gaining weight at the rate of at least 10kg per year. From 82kg (during my army days), I gained till 140kg.


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