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sungwoo korea

Hi, I’m Eugene, Sungwoo’s mother. We think attending the camp is definitely worth the time and money for improving himself and his approach to life.


Sungwoo is a 13 year old boy from Korea and joined his first camp at Kombat for 3 weeks.


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During his winter vacation his dad, who is a fan of Martial Arts, suggested that Sungwoo should try training Muay Thai in Thailand. Sungwoo accepted the challenge and went off to the camp alone! As he is only 13 and quite a shy boy we were a little concerned about his trip and had to be 100% sure about all the details and what he would be doing once he arrived. We needn’t be concerned though as everything went as planned and he really enjoyed his time at camp.

Some of the touches that made us so confident in Kombat’s care of Sungwoo included: Barbara and Toy keeping us regularly updated by phone and line and we could contact Sungwoo at any time. We received regular photos and messages about his progress. He was well taken care of and everyone was very thoughtful and kind!  We were able to relax with all the messages we received! Toy took very good care of him and we are very grateful for her kindness. Christian and his family took him along on family activities and outings so that he didn’t get bored at the weekends. Nat, Christian’s wife, took him to the airport and helped him travel back home safely! This was especially true at the airport in Bangkok where it’s easy to get lost in the crowds and the noise, he was well taken care of and assisted at every step.


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To all the trainers and coaches who I haven’t mentioned yet, thank you so much!

Sungwoo was left in the care of Kombat for 3 weeks and he completed the challenge! All whilst his friends went to private educational institute for their academic improvement. We think attending the camp is definitely worth the time and money for improving himself and his approach to life. We are so proud of him and there’s no way I can thank you for everything you’ve done.

I can highly recommend Kombat Group to everyone.
We look forward to meet you all very soon!


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