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Whether you're focused on dropping kilos or gaining muscle, mastering your art or learning a new skill, here's proof that you'll leave Kombat Group with a more upbeat & energised approach to life.


Success Stories - Ben (Australia) - WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM


Ben Australia

I arrived at Kombat gym at the start of September 2011, my main goal was to lose weight and I also wanted to learn about Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu having never trained in any martial arts before.


On arrival I weighed 102 Kg, I lost 13 kg during my 6 weeks at Kombat, I believe there was potential to have lost even more during that period.



Before Kombat i had often tried to stick to low fat/low calorie diets which I found very challenging and they often resulted in weight gain as I would end up over eating once i lost motivation.

At Kombat i was placed on a low carbohydrate diet which took time for me to adjust too however I found this much more satisfying and didn't leave me as hungry.

I found the weight loss program very beneficial as I find the first few weeks of any diet/ exercise program the most difficult.


The advantage of Kombat was it removed the temptations the surround me at home and I was in a supportive environment where people shared the same goals and interests.

I have maintained my fitness and eating plan since arriving home and as of February 2012 my current weight is 78 kg.

Leaving me with a total weight loss of 24kg since my first day at Kombat.


weight loss martial arts camp testimonial


weight loss martial arts camp testimonial


weight loss martial arts camp testimonial


Another advantage of the weight loss course; given that I had no experience in any martial art, was that it incorporated every discipline that is instructed at Kombat this exposure gave me an appreciation for BJJ and Krav maga which I was unfamiliar with.


I found that the location of Kombat was a short drive from the tourist district of Pattaya but no so close that it become a distraction during the week days.


The local people in the area were friendly and hospitable. What i was most impressed by was the patience of the instructors constantly working with absolute beginners, I would highly recommend the weight loss program to anyone that finds it hard to stick to an exercise or eating plan and anyone who has a limited amount of time and would like to be exposed to a wide variety of fighting styles all in the one location.


Ben Campbell

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