Martial Arts Training for Joy and Magnus

We decided to try out Muay Thai during our vacation and searched the web for gyms in the Bangkok area.


Kombat Group was the one with the most informative website and Christian, the (World Champ) owner, was easy to communicate with both by mail and phone. 

When we arrived we were welcomed, fed and got a tour of the gym as well as a choice of several martial art courses to pick from. 

Joy chose Muay Thai (of course), MMA and BJJ, and Magnus chose Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

Our experience at Kombat Group gym is entirely positive. The staff is friendly, the trainers are funloving as well as skilled and the food is great! The atmosphere is nowhere near the macho, aggressive one you might expect, instead, everyone attending the gym is friendly and inviting, even the most hardcore fighters. We started out as beginners and after only one week of hard training, we left with a lot more confidence and will continue training some form of martial art when we get home.

We would like to thank Christian, Geir and the other staff members, as well as our gymbuddies for making this a great and memorable experience.


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